ICT Graphics Lab Overview_2014

the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies fosters a unique integration of entertainment technology and the military nowhere is this Nexus more visible than inside the graphics lab here in the graphics laboratory we're working on creating the next generation of computer graphics technologies for virtual reality to make everything that you might see in a simulated environment look breathtaking with real the idea of the ICT who is specifically – located in the Los Angeles area close to the entertainment industry because the people working in visual effects and video games are making some great strides and with academic research that we can do we can fill in a lot of the gaps of the hard problems that they're not able to solve in order to create joint collaborative results that produce technologies that have never existed before the ICT graphics lab researches and develops new techniques for creating and displaying photo realistic depictions of people objects and environments the graphics labs most visible project is the award-winning white stage technology which can create convincing digital actors who can appear in any lighting condition this groundbreaking technology has been utilized to create characters and visual effects sequences from Superman Returns to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button it has also been used to help create interactive characters for ICTs military training and education prototypes in 2010 graphics lab director Paul de Bewick received an Academy Award for the design and engineering of the light stage devices and character relighting systems this focus on innovative methods for creating virtual models led to digital IRA a photo real digital double created in real time that was produced in collaboration with Activision Digital IRA can be seen from any viewpoint in any lighting setup and can perform realistically from video performance capture even in close-up images can also be projected in 3d without the need for special glasses the evolution of ICTs 3d video conferencing system presents possibilities for holding conversations with heroes and history do you remember any songs for use this is a lullaby that my mother used to sing to me and I still remember it this is the future of how we capture and interact with 3d representations of objects and of ourselves from video games to our cell phones and it's happening at ICT few places have award-winning visual effects pioneers working side-by-side with soldiers and scientists to create next-generation simulations and training applications I find all this exciting because it's creating tools to generate the ultimate creative power that any kind of environment or a person or character that you want to create we're going to have the tools so that the visions in your mind are things that you can make astonishingly real if you're wondering what the future might look like the people at IC T's graphics lab are already making the pictures

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