Nicholas minister of information telecommunications broadcast and information technology permanent secretary is John Joseph telecommunications consultant Darryl Jackson program coordinator McHugh Williams executive director June Jackson administrative staff office manager with Wendy pant or tutors parents invited guests welcome today is a very special event we are here to recognize the graduates of the 2019 ICT cadet program it's been a long six months but here we are today to begin we're going to have our first opening remarks by miss McCool Williams all protocols being observed let me just say again good afternoon to the Honorable Minister Melford Nicholas our permanent secretary secretary miss Joan Joseph telecommunications consultant Darryl Jackson and my right arm miss Wendy pantera invited guests from the business community thank you for being here and for being open to discussing a relationship to initiate internships with our cadets thank you thank you mr. Raymond prosper pastor our theme today is stay focused stand tall can you say it with me cadets let me hear it again I like that cadets six months ago you started the program it has gone by rather quickly hasn't it remember what I said to you on that first day I said to you learn all you can do you remember that in everything there's a beginning you began your journey six months ago and here we are today I said learn all you can and embrace the knowledge that you will gain here because it will carry you forward do you remember that wonderful every experience every learning experience will add value to your life it will add value to your career who you are and who you become is entirely up to you and whatever you learn will add value you have the power to design your future take all of your experiences collectively and build who you are each and every one of you take the lessons that you have learned from each class and build on it stay focused stand tall whatever your goals are for yourself you can achieve it and you will achieve it I know that you will utilize the skills that you learned at the ICT cadet program to design your own path to open your own businesses to create new digital products some of you have taken Cisco Microsoft programming and some of you had to be coerced to go into the programming course but thank you for doing so I know that you've been it benefited from it some of you have also taken new media and photography graphic design you've done well congratulations to you on this day for staying the path you have stayed focused and you can now stand tall present good afternoon our protocol observed only have 5 minutes so I believe that this memorable event is an important game changer in the way the cadets will approach things within their lives as it will set the presidents for future encounters it is indeed an honor to be here and sharing this experience with you let me state what Nick Selby says your mission as student is not to follow in the footsteps of the astronauts or the Nobel Prize laureates and the presidents who graduate before you but to exceed their footsteps and crush the shoulders of the Giants upon who we stand today we celebrate the collaborative effort of internal and external stakeholders be it in the expertise the donation time and service so to the graduating cadets I see congratulations aspire to achieve your vision and mission in the business environment and thanks for being great warriors for the past few months success is defined in mirrored ways that derives from our own internal sense of decency so my takeaway for you today as future business prospects and leaders be excited to discover something new every day throw off negative thoughts and welcome positivity get excited that you are alive and do not settle push beyond your boundaries the world has so much to offer be flexible to change and challenge yourself to your fears believe in yourself and adhere to the great advice you offer others as a matter of fact start with yourself do a daily housecleaning not physical cleaning but a daily housecleaning for yourself update your inventory and stay connected with the world welcome constructive criticisms even the small ones tell a story daily week remember it's your story to write edit as often as you want it is similar to taking selfies and post it on Instagram Facebook or Twitter be in control of your game and take the initiative to do something different that makes you laugh as a matter of fact enjoy a good laugh and let others be triggered by your laughter model for others what you want them to become and do not say I cannot be bothered people are looking for new role models every day someone to emulate so be that person who others want to aspire to become embrace your struggles and failures because individuals who are accustomed to complexity struggles and failures are often great problem solvers we think creatively because challenges and strengths builds character and courage collaboration networking and the importance of sharing in your future journey because these eventually create positive communities that can propel you forward change things daily monthly annually do not get bored revamp your activities to suit your goals and career paths let me leave a word of encouragement from David McCauley jr. climb the mountain not to plant your flag but so that you can see the world and so that the world can see you once again congratulations we're gonna have a short slideshow no from the business class just to show you a bit of what they've done [Applause] thank you for that wonderful presentation from the looks of it I could have the credits to do my business plan and our my graphic needs so to continue the presentation we're now going to have a presentation by Alex Hodge a graduate from the Microsoft block afternoon my name is Alex Hodge and I will be presenting behalf on the Microsoft Block B arm we have learned how to do a letter brochure and even a resume for our block I have to I be doing a piece the life of hajji the life of Alex Hodge a key the son of noise and Angela Hodge was an inspiration to others inspiring them that it does not matter how you look but if you put in the same amount of work or even greater than anyone else life have no limits living with his parents and his brothers everyone contributed to the building of Alex wake up there because he had dyslexia it's attributed to him developing a low self-esteem however everywhere that are excellent people began staring and looking at him different from the other children Alex father had taken him to again store one day and please fever with him challenging another father and son the both had beaten the other families within the game suddenly Alex father began to laugh a third part of his son to all surprise all I named her came across his mind Alex father said well done Haji from that day on Alex nickname became Haji as time it still was not easy for young Hadji moving to three different schools mainly this was due to teachers not having enough time with helping him with such improvements however our experience then decided to transfer the Sun to Wesson Junior Academy and began to deal with the struggles faced by young Hadji as time passed Alex began to think that this was the worst food ever the bullying and verbal abuse was real the teachers did not even show any interest or care in the abuse that Alex encountered daily every day alex hated going to school he could not concentrate on school assignments because he was targeted for being different bullies threatened him every day so as the day and he was happy when it was time to go home hard times like these crossing guards became Alex best friends standard them until his parents had arrived to collect him as others got older he started to hang out with girls in his class as often he felt comfortable and was accepted just the way he was Alex had become good friends with a girl who lived couple blocks down from him haji then upgraded from the crossing guard comfort security to her every day one day she told Alex that he cannot run away all his life from the bullies this statement played on his mind the entire night so that they asked the bully is confronted Alex once more alex has tanked all against five bullies which he left the fight beaten up with a blood shot in his eye everything had changed after that day Alex's father came to the furious at the principal and demand that this will never happen again or the next time he will not be so calm the next day Alex meant to eat his lunch with his friends and the people who bullied him came to apologize the apologies was accepted and they are became friends Alex went on to study at st. Anthony's secondary school on the first day of school he went to his class I sat down I stayed quiet until a person named James Bowie and James Bowie and had walked up and taught him others to begun learning with James and made more friends in the process for five years James and Alex remain friends and helped each other with all with assignments and homework after a while alex developed himself as an intelligent and brave young man which inspired his classmates – never underestimate anyone's ability to succeed however alex was awarded most perseverance student in his class Scott Dawson martial art world champion and author stated I didn't succeed despite my dyslexia but it was but it wasn't my deficient but it was my advantage although there are neurological trees off that because that I work creatively smarter in reading writing and speaking I will never wish to be be any other way than my awesome self I will be me regardless of my early challenges I had race knowing this I am looking forward to the future and it massive possibilities and I don't gone I would like to introduce my project my final project for programming which was a website by the name of brief magazine brave meaning black race achieve an incomparable variety basically this is the homepage for the website it has certain advertisements recent news and also comments of what our loyal readers were seen and also welcome message on an editor's choice we basically have you know messaging messages and also fun art given to us by our loyal readers and at the bottom you would see a slideshow of all something magazine covers we have created the About section basically talks about what is brave it's an online magazine mainly dedicated by cultures past present and future achievements the aim of brief which is a magazine aim to make individuals aware of the different areas of our culture we intended to fill the void left in pop culture regarding black excellence in the last few years we plan to celebrate the success whether great or small in our community and why should he choose brave brave magazine introduces or shall be Siri introduces the general public to the pioneers risk takers who paved the way for us to be where we are today it is only right for us to educate future generations about self-worth self-respect and integrity and here's the fine the contact page obviously shows the information regarding the business our address our phone number email address another form where you could send us a message that's all hope you enjoyed my presentation the next item on the agenda is the new media block for this presentation if you guys take the time at the end of the program you'll notice a few images on the back of the wall these are some artworks that were chosen by the instructor for display you know with reference to the new media block the next item we're gonna have a encouragement by mrs. Joyce and Humphreys the project manager of the gaurd Center all established protocols I do observe I just want to be big up my minister here I know he's looking for that so yes the god Center is pleased once again to be a part of the ICT cadet graduation ceremony we also pleased that the partnership was started years ago is still ongoing some persons might have known that we have been involved with the ICT cadet program from the inception and we have been offering life skills training and in the latter part we have included the business aspect of it for the past six months we have had the pleasure of working with the staff where we enjoyed a very good relationship and with the cadets in providing life skills and business training the exposure opens opportunities for those who are interested in getting into business and after having gone through the different disciplines I'm sure you have already decided what your next move is going to be or should be I urge you to remain focused self-esteem managing emotions resolving conflicts personal development domestic and sexual abuse healthy lifestyles and workplace protocol are just a few of the topics that you covered during the life skills program you are all special when I say special I mean special in your own way you have the potential you have the opportunity you had the opportunity to utilize the knowledge the skills that you were taught so I encourage you to put it into practice as I sat there and I listened to hoji making his presentation I'm sure like myself everybody in this church today was touched yeah yes we touched it just shows goes to show you that no matter what your position is in life you can achieve the success with encouragement from people around you you can do well and that is all that we need to be encouraged and that was one of the things that we did in our life skills classes when horrid students we know that some of them have come over to have some difficult and challenging situations and they're glad when they have somebody to listen to them talk about the problems that they face with and that is one of the things that we do best at we listen and we have to encourage them so that when they are finished they can go out there and be persons who can stand up in any society because of who they are so Hajji I congratulate you I am proud and I feel quite happy to see way of calm I looked at this story book and I had an opportunity to see some of the work that some of the other students were doing and I was I was like oh this is so good this is so good as I sat there with mrs. Jackson she was just there saying we need to do a you know public public publish them and bring all these nice story books some ideas together very good I congratulate all of you who worked on them I would like to just close I'm here briefly just to give you encouraging words and as I do that I would like to share a quote from the late Kofi Annan who said knowledge is power information is liberating education is the premise the progress in every society in every family so as you improve yourself as you learn more and this is not the end this is definitely not the end of your journey this is just an eye opener for the things that oh dear that you can tap into and make the best use of all that is there for you so that when you step out in society people will know where you've been you're going to stand tall and you're going to stay focused and I like I like the theme you know I really do like the team stand toss their focus and stand tall so on behalf of the gods center team mrs. John Jackson our executive director mrs. Williams with your past executive director or business instructor miss Rayna Phillip mrs. Richards who is not here with us today because she's not available and myself our real life skills instructor I just encourage you and I want you to remember these words stay focused and stand tall thank you very much as I came here today you know I wondered what I was going to what I was going to see to the graduating class here I'm not a man of very many words as some folks might tell you before but listening to you know some of the presentations and seeing the work that has been done and so on I you know I can say to you guys a very well done job okay my my time at the Ministry of Information as the former ICT cadet program coordinator was a very interesting and very interesting experience for me it was the when we initiated it back in 2013 you know it was a program that had not been seen I think anywhere before it it was a program that would further develop persons with technology and would enhance their skill sets in this digital technology field and I think from since 2013 when it began up to now it has served a very good purpose in terms of moving forward the the number of persons in Antigua developing our human capital to survive in this digital world and I am happy to see so many faces here graduating this class again that have gone through the program and have successfully completed it you have been given you know some skills that will put you at the front of the class in terms of being able to become entrepreneurs or working in the field of technology which as you can imagine is the leading way and as Antiguans and Bob utens I'm sure you will want to put yourself on the map and put antigone them up we your skill sets so I want to say thank you to miss McCool Williams who would have taken over from me for the opportunity to speak to you guys and I want to also encourage her to continue the fight to continue and educate our young persons here today in Antigua and Barbuda those that are passionate about technology and I can say that you know the importance of the ICT cadet program I think is one that will continue to allow the dreams of those persons that are taking it to be fulfilled just like little Haji had fulfilled his dreams yeah so with that being said I wouldn't take up too much more time and I will say congratulations to all of you and I look forward to seeing a number of you making headlines in developing Antigua and Barbuda I believe in the power of innovation to solve modern problems we need modern solutions that's how we came up with pact and I'll be planning to continue developing ideas and platforms to leverage the use of technology in Antigua and Barbuda and even the wider Caribbean when I was asked to give the future address I wondered about what I would say to you and how it was even qualified to do this prior to the last six months or so I had no idea about half of the things I've been interviewed about and then I realized that's why I'm here because with technology I've been given an opportunity to learn and unlearn many things you've all been given a unique opportunity to be introduced to different aspects of ICTs and I've been set on a trajectory to revolutionize or to an island States digital skills have also become increasingly valuable across the from functions for example there's a high demand for digital skills in sectors such as retail hospitality tourism and financial services across functions digital skills can make you young entry-level candidates more competitive for sales customer service Human Resources data management and information technology positions technology by definition is the collection of techniques skills methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives now earlier I said unlearn because I'm sure that most of us here have been taught go to school get a job and work there for years here you can get a pension when you retire but is that what you really want or even need over the past few months I've had the opportunity to see firsthand what this program is all about and get familiar with the courses and materials that you've been equipped with and you have been given the knowledge to stand where I'm standing and where many others have stood by simply unlearning what you've been programmed to believe and chart your own courses to success but how do you do that ask questions whether it's to one of your instructors a classmate or even Google asking a question about something you're not clear on or something that you're genuinely curious about can make a huge difference according to John Hawkins sometimes you get so caught up in appearing smart that we become afraid to ask the questions that will actually make us smart in setting aside any pretense of knowing we get the answers to our questions and that is what makes us smarter and in truth many of us have had the same questions in our minds we were afraid to ask them in that moment you're leading by asking that questions in asking questions we learn we establish an environment with thinking about what's happening looking for better ways to do things and questioning the way we've always done it are ok and that's a good place to be if we allow ourselves to slip into robotic groupthink where nobody is real willing to whisk risk a question for fear of upsetting the applecart we set the conditions for future failure a sure way to prevent this is to ask questions and encourage others to do the same curiosity isn't just a way of understanding the world it's a way of changing it and don't underestimate the power of a great idea if someone else can develop a life-changing or work changing idea why can't you or I do the same thing many of us have been taught from a young age to be humble humility is seen as the mecca of values I do think humility can be a powerful personal trait in a leader but only so long as it does not mean that the person who values him or herself if humility means that you don't see yourself or your ideas as having potential to be a value to other people then not only have you robbed yourself to your own potentiality but you've also robbed other people of the value that you have to offer them without the power of our own insights we seem to think that a great idea always comes from someone else why do we think that way what made the other person so special that he or she had great ideas often it was simply the desire to carry the idea all the way through from creation to completion and why does one person create and complete the idea while another person discards a potentially great idea I think it's because of the form of the form of values his or her ideas while the latter does not in order to actualize an idea we have to believe that or did our ideas have value do you believe your ideas are valued no sound so do you believe that your ideas have value okay Albert Einstein is quoted as saying a new idea comes suddenly and then rather intuitively but intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience in order to generate a single great idea you need to fill your mind with a lot of useful ideas before the magical moment happens when two or more ideas merge into one powerful concept that you can leverage – something bordering on miraculous think of a garden plant a seed in good rich soil and keep that soil free of weeds and rocks then let that plant grow think of a work life plant that idea in a healthy rested person and keep the mind free of worries and an overloaded schedule let that idea grow into something really valuable always work with a sense of passion and purpose and urgency don't worry about having to develop a great idea within a certain time frame just keep working as fast as you can with as much passion and purpose as you can muster remember that Pixar movie takes four years to create but every single one of them has gone to number one at the box office stop imposing deadlines on your greatness it might happen at 26 it might happen at 66 what difference does it make keep feeding your mind believe in the value of your ideas and be ready for an idea that comes to you in an instant create and complete the concept and let the magic happen you might just end up with an idea that changes the world thank you our next item on the list is the Minister's remarks we're going to call upon the Honorable Mel for Nicholas to give us a word of encouragement and deliver to us his remarks and his speech good afternoon everyone good afternoon everyone well done I wanted to say to you this afternoon how pleased I am Nick that's not even the right thought Oh delighted I am at what I witness here this afternoon I'm happy that the cameras from ABS were behind me because if they were before me there would have been a national embarrassing moment because when Hadji did his presentation the first part of his presentation I was moved to tears see that because I know dear people that they occurred at seer and first of all let me say heartfelt congratulations for all it to all of you have completed this course I can say that I know that there are several cadets who I know personally in this program who had always wanted to be a part of a cadet program of the cadet program there are some who have spent the last two years of their lives preparing to be a part of this cadet program I recall that during the registration process ah geez mom who I know personally and is that who I also worked with and you personally but his mom in particular signaled to me one evening while I was doing some shopping at the establishment where she worked and she indicated that she had a son who want to be a part of the cadet program I took the name and I said sure I believe is something I can facilitate and whereupon I called on Miss Williams the next day and I said that I have this parent was expressed in interest on behalf of a son and I gave it a name she said I knew the name very well and I've already interviewed a young man and he has already secured for himself a place in the program so imagine the displacement that I had here this afternoon I'd never met Haji before but I knew his parents and used the elder brothers and so Hajji I want to say that you have been inspiration to all of us and to me you have rekindled something in me about this program that I think is going to refresh my commitment to ensure that the program continues well into the future [Applause] you know I would say to the parents and as I've said to as many business people who have come under the influence of these programs the world in which we are living now is a much changed well and the persons who are going to escort us into those new portals are these young people when I look at what be one of the the teams would have done with respect to the marketing and the advert development all that lead is a little bit more effort and the right resources and I could see a lot of production companies coming out of your efforts you're going to be the ones that would excite a new consumer through the way that you create the advertisement of tomorrow you're going to be the ones that are going to demonstrate the companies that there are lots of platforms by which to take the message to consuming audiences yoga billing ones that are going to interface with the ABCs of this world and of all of the platforms by which people do communicate so as I've said to all previous business engagements you need to find a way to blend these new graduating cadets into your work program now only provide the means for them to have internships for the next six weeks but clearly to see within them the future possibilities of your business making the migration part towards a new modern way of doing business and I said a world in which we live in is changing its changing in the sense that the globe has become very much smaller anything that happens halfway around the world is known in an instant and that is information communication technology doing it for you I have a challenge for new young cadets those of you who have learned in your skills of developing websites and developing applications must now consider that you have within you the seeds that missamma just reference to really become a big oak tree elsewhere in the world in London in New York in Toronto in Chicago there are lots of other Caribbean citizens just like you who have left these parts and have gone into the Metro polls to improve themselves and to make a better life some have gone to school and have not a phone great opportunities abroad have still others have grown up in families who were previously migrated what I can see it to you though is that each of them urine for a bit of home we call those people the Diaspora they are living in a – poor old people they are all antigua and barbuda pne's are derivatives of Antiguans and Bobby agents and they want a piece of home you have the ability with the digital skills that you have to be able to offer them opportunities for that I have had the benefit of knowing seen it actually happen for young people who were starting their first job in the ministry and at the end of the first paycheck we go to the credit unions or to the bank and they acquire the first bit of plastic a debit card they now have the ability to shop online I've seen it happen first thing that they do they acquire a Google she call it an Amazon Prime account and I begin to shop businesses I have had the opportunity to calm the nerves of an important businessman in st. John's who often had a trade in lifestyle Claudian for young people is always associated with parties and over the past three to four years he has witnessed a downturn in his business while at the same time the government was boasting that there has been increase in the GDP and increase in the economy and he could not understand and why his business was being disjointed and I pointed into the fact that the new modern shopper is not shopping in the stores in st. John's anymore how many of you have your own personal logistics company whether it is mr. Thomas or any of these other ones that have sprung up all around even the Customs and Excise division I've had to change the process to no work with this new way of doing business but it's working one way that seemed facility is bringing goods and services using logistics and ICT into your homes and you then work it in the reverse and take some of the products that we'll have developed here and offer it to the Diaspora and some of those countries that we're speaking about it's within your reach and that is my challenge can you then develop the channel to market for Suzy's hot sauce to be able to reach my son in Chicago can he go online on one of your websites and purchase five bottles he's now become a chef he's just graduated a few weeks ago but can he blend that now he is in Chicago with the meals can he put it on the table of the restaurant that he now works in in Chicago how can he get Suzie's hot sauce how can he get any other condiment that is produced here you have the skills to do it and that is my challenge to you have given your business idea I would like to have someone pick that up and the challenge and the reason why this is important is because the government has contemplated that it alone cannot do all of the lifting the heavy lifting and so what is in store for you there's also an entrepreneurial development or program in which if you have an idea and you have the skills that miss Humphreys and her team has given you to develop your ideas your business ideas and I'm seeing evidence of it create a business plan and distill listen go to the entropy neural development fund they are located in the sachiko building a factory Road and answer the form fill it out and be bold and ask for funding for your idea the fund is created to take risks we – and I'm saying that you have those digital skills to be able to make you entrepreneurs to create employment for yourselves and for others and even those of you who are not so feeling at this point in time that type of entrepreneurial spirit again I'm seeing evidence here that there is sufficient curiosity certainly as demonstrated by Danielle oh this is another displacement that I've had I knew Danielle o for more than three years and I'm sure his mom is in the audience somewhere here and I cannot believe I stood and I said to my PS a moment ago of the displacement that I had seeing Danielle Akama PN to this type of presentation the personnel and you could hardly speak to me whenever he visited with his mom he's very shy but what I'm seeing here Daniel I have to say to you you are going to be the first person that I'm going to give a an internship to work in the program in department of the ministry the person that I'm seeing here has been transformed if for nothing else if not for his curiosity and its new knowledge of ICT programming it is for the fact that I'm seeing a new stride in a new confident young man I'm hoping that this is true for all of the lovely cadets that I see here so what is it choose to do advertisement you choose to take on a program in a course in infer the course in photography whatever you choose to do the sky's the limit for all of you lead I add that the whole education process has now been extended the possibilities are not infinite if you want to go on to do further learning it transpires that with the landed campus of the University of the West Indies the integration of the Antigua and Barbuda school of information technology Abbott has now been included in that program are the technology providers of common board I believe who are we has already said that they're going to provide they're gonna offer the university opportunities for training persons to be able to take them on to China to learn all of the new skills 5 G's upon us and the Chinese are already leading the world in that field of endeavor there's so many possibilities for the young graduates from this program so I just really want to say that this and what I've seen this afternoon and the challenge that is before us I think that there is a wonderful opportunity to say that the program has now been rekindled it has a new life I want to thank miss maca Williams and her team for all of the great work that has been done I want to thank a sh ton for blazing the trail and for handing over the baton to miss Williams and for all of the support that we have had I still have a dream that we will move the program up to another level I will in the coming months we we will just not be contented to have an ICT cadet program I believe not too far away from here is another project that has been offered to the government and it's referred to as the UNEP s– Innovation Center it's in the former US Air Force will in compound and I believe the idea is an for some synergy between that program and this one I'm certainly gonna engage my colleague Minister about how we can have a fusion of effort and that hopefully we can take this program to another level I think that is not just a question for informatics but is robotics these 3d printing there's a lot of imagining that can take place there's a process for dealing with business incubation working with the entrepreneurial development program and so rather than tasks you young people if you have an idea business idea to have you to look within the context of st. John's or wherever to find a place to rent to have to look at all of these things is to be able to provide you an opportunity for a place that you can start your business you can literate certainly for a year and to give you that opportunity to develop those ideas so once again I want to say a heartfelt congratulations to each of you and a job well done and in reaching the completion of your program and you have given me a fresh inspiration to continue to invest into this program and to make it become stronger in the years to come I have to see however that before I leave this stage I know you're gonna invite me back up miss Watkins to do the presentation of certificates but there is some piece of work that has to be done I don't see in the front row so I know she's always here though over the past many years that this program has come into being certainly in the last six years there has been one fixture in this program and that is all beloved miss panto [Applause] miss panto has been a mother figure to each of the cadets and you are only the seventh cohort of cadets that has gone under her stirrup and so I wanted to take this opportunity miss Pantera as we see it we think she's going to retire and it's never good thing to have to say goodbye or farewell or anything of that derivative but I believe that there is a special place in each of our hearts for miss Pancho accordingly I am going to call and someone who has worked very well with her to give us a brief citation for us to be able to say a proper thank you to my sponsor right Colin Ashton were done a lot of work with miss Pancho I don't know she wasn't expecting this but we could not better go I'm not sure our special gratitude Ashton again not a matter of very many words but I want to say very hard to thank you for miss punt or being by my side through all the years and continuing to do what she does only the way that she can do it and I'm very you know it's to see you move on in this way you know I'm very happy to see that you you have maintained the program and everything that you have done you know respond to the it we've had a very good time together you know and even though I left I never left right no because you'd always call me but you know I know miss miss Williams is is also going to have a challenge to try and replace you going forward so I know on behalf of everybody here you know thank you for what you have done thank you for everything and we wish you all the best for the future just a few words yes I will as the minister indicated since the program started in 2013 we have had quite a lot of changes we've had a change in government had a change in Minister a change in program coordinator we've had instructors come and go and we've had over 150 students join the program and leave but through it all there has been one constant the glue that has held this program together has been misspent or miss pants or has been the go-to person for for the for the cadets she's been the go-to person for instructors she's been my go-to and the person who I go to when I need to get to have problems solve and she has been a remarkable asset to the ministry and to the program it's kind of sad to announce this afternoon that after 10 years with the Ministry and five years six years of the program wendy is going on pre-retirement leaves from I guess I should be saying from tomorrow but she has officially been on pre-retirement leave since since April and but she has continued to work with the program supporting the students and she will still be with us for over the next few days and perhaps over the next few weeks so Wendy I just want to say thanks to you on behalf on my own behalf and on behalf of the ministry the permanent secretary we sit in there and to wish you all the very best thank you [Applause] as only embarrass me by giving me something so small to read the plaque says in recognition of 10s are presented to Wendi panto in recognition of ten years January 1st 2009 to 19 October 2 2009 to 19 October 2019 of dedicated service to the Ministry of Information broadcast in telecommunications and information technology and the ICT cadet program I thank you very much I wasn't expecting this thank you I can want my envelope yes I was not expecting this but I'm very happy and I'm a bit sad to see you folks go like my cadets but I'm very happy because you are came in green and you're leaving quite right on your own yes so as I was there anyone especially someone in their early twenties okay I have reached at retirement age now and I enjoyed every single moment of my working life because I didn't have a choice to enjoy it because I had to work so but yeah but your mind was working and come to work or find something that you'll be happy in doing I take my job as a hobby and y'all are my little hobbies okay so put your mind towards something annual you work out there okay thank you alright so we're now coming to the end of the program at this present moment we're going to start the presentation of the certificates to the graduating class and so when asked Teresa Watkins to come as we begin this process of congratulating you guys the first graduate is called Alan [Applause] Kaneesha Andrews jovan Ben Katrice Brittany but she's unable to make it today Shin Burton [Applause] Zini Joe Charles Elvis Daniel [Applause] [Applause] you like the silver which commonly is overseas in a boxing tournament so his mom Vanessa dis server we received a certificate [Applause] Donnie on afford [Applause] Jenny Francis Cyril Francis [Applause] Monique Fraser hi Tasha George Phil Michael Gillis [Applause] [Applause] show my garden can i comment on who is unable to come today Jasmine Hector Alex Hodge [Applause] Shakur hunch [Applause] kandisha Hopkinson jakirah James who is unable to come today Giselle Joseph [Applause] Dalton Lewis [Applause] Tony and MacLeod [Applause] Hokkien Miller [Applause] I love it now Montalban Zenda pain are we a Perry who is unable to come to this done yellow rains raineesha some wealth who is unable to come today Cherise Sharples Shamala Simon who is unable to come today Rachelle so well [Applause] Chantell so 12 Shamala Tendo Marlon Wolcott who is unable to come today Angelle Watson [Applause] I'll assure Williams [Applause] Jamal Williams Regina right [Applause] ladies and gentlemen [Applause] ladies and gentlemen that's the 2019 ice-t cadet program graduates at this moment we would like to call Dan yellow rinse please Daniel rains will be presented with the top student awards [Applause] yes you guys can all be seated my 2019 cadets the theme is stay focused stand tall repeat after me stay focused stand tall congrats you guys and you may have a seat so again well done Thank You Honorable Minister for being here today miss pant or you know you have all of our hearts Ashton thank you very much this is my first graduating class I'm happy to be here happy to have received the baton from you I appreciate it miss Joseph as well thank you so much for your support this is a unique program there are not many governments that have programs like this training programs where students can exit high school and be a part of such a technical and technological training program so in every experience there's a beginning and in every experience there's an end often when we begin our journey we're not we don't fully recognize the end so I encourage you that whenever you start a project whenever you start school be reminded that there's an end and every step along the way take the opportunity to learn spend the time that you have in your classrooms on your jobs because learning experiences are not limited to the classroom take the time to learn all you can do the exercises all right so learning a trade is no longer limited to carpentry it also extends to technology and you've done that in the last six months you've pushed yourself you've stayed focused and as a passage goes to every to everything there's a season there's a time and a purpose under the Sun there's a time to be born time to die to them to plant time to pick up and as a passage goes on a time to embrace and a time to refrain a time to dance so as a passage passage goes on it says every man should eat and drink and enjoy everything all the good of his labor so all the work you have done continue to embrace it continue to enjoy it congratulations again and thank you for your participation in the 2019 ICT cadet program have a great day on behalf of the cadets I deem it's a great honor and privilege to propose the vote of thanks of this memorable occasion let me first of all start by giving glory to the Almighty father for making today's occasion restoring success first and foremost I thank all special guests the Honorable Milford Nicholas minister of information broadcasting telecommunications and information technology who despite his busy schedule has found time to attend this graduation ceremony miss MacWilliams the coordinator and director and I also expressed my heartfelt thanks to miss Wendy Ponte the assistant coordinator of the ICT cadet program for her valuable contribution contributions towards cadets and making this program possible we the cadets are grateful for the instructors of the various departments for their words of encouragement guidance and continued support during the past six months as I bought some acknowledged instructors I would like to ask for each of them to stand I also give them a round of applause miss Tess Ilona Henry instructor for the program in a Microsoft block mr. child's Edwards instructor for the programming block mr. Jamie Gordon instructor for the Cisco block mr. Emhoff Mott I'm sorry mr. Martin Imhoff instructor for the Microsoft block mr. Sidney chondroitin instructor for the new media videography and Microsoft block mr. Timothy Payne instructed for the new media of photography and journalism block mr. Jared brown instructor for the new media and Photoshop block miss Joyce Humphries Miss Judy Richards and miss Alberto Williams instructors for the life skills block and mrs. miss Renee mrs. Renee Philip instructor for the entrepreneurship and business block we all thank you we the cadets of special gratitude to the Accounts Department the numerous guest speakers the staff at the word daddy Nature Park the bus drivers the staff at Nelson Dockyard the janitors and security guards who have worked hard to ensure that all responsibilities on their end had been met regarding this program I thank all distinguished invitees present and all pro parents even my mommy hi mommy here for your time and accepting our invitation I found the members of the media for inviting Vincent interest in covering this ceremony on all good hearts like Carl st. Clair under esha who worked feverishly behind the scenes last but not least I would like to congratulate and thank you my peers for your cooperation in making this 2019 ICT cadets program Maurice toning success [Applause] finally in closing I leave each and everyone with this inspiring quote by Oprah Winfrey you have to know what sparks the light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world once again I thank you all for your attention class of 2019 thank you I would like to thank all of you for being here today and as we end I want to encourage you to have a look at the art gallery at the back to see the word that the currents have put effort into and I've done and I would like to ask you guys used to say for some light light refreshments and a photo-op session thank you for being here today congratulations guys stay focused stand tall dream big and do things Thanks [Applause]

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