‘I Believe I’m The Rosa Parks Of The Internet’ Says Woman Who Live Streams Her Life

so I hope you’ll follow me truthfully Trisha at YouTube my family thinks I’m out of control with my live streams but I don’t think so my husband Sean wants me to stop streaming you’re not gonna get me to flip 40 percent of your paycheck goes to your expired that’s why everyone is to see this the world does not need a first-hand account of our marriage Memorial Day of 2017 I was live-streaming and I had a breakdown yeah John was visiting his family in Atlanta so I live streams for over eight hours straight there was a moment where I smear fake blood on me and reminded me of the part of me that died when I was raped as a young girl I went to the ER I told them I saw trolls they thought I was seeing trolls of a different kind like the movie trolls I was admitted in the hospital for six days you say they misunderstood your use of the word trolls that’s a really crummy doctor because in six days they didn’t figure out you were talking about the internet troll okay exactly that’s my problem they’re haters have sent her more than three pizzas to her home she claims one of those pieces was laced with black pepper on it little did I know two of my haters conspired against me and I’m anaphylactic allergic to black pepper it’s late my whole mouth and my throat she says one of these people stalked her that the hater actually hit her with her cause I went to get the license plate so I ran after her she was backing away I shot that’s another clue she hit me with my car I’ve had to see that clip we actually have the clip okay ma’am I didn’t hit you she traced her across the parking lot got in front of her car and dove on the hood help me out here let me say this none of it needs to be on YouTube none of it I’m Rosa Parks of the Internet you want to know why because I am NOT gonna sit down and I’m not gonna be told what to do I have a right I have a voice don’t flatter yourself you’re not Rosa Parks

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