Humber SKILLS 2016 Spotlight: Mechatronics

hi so today we're at Waterloo Rim park and right behind me is the mechatronics skills competition so essentially the objective of the skills competition is to tear down and rebuild two cells one is the separating and one is the sorting cell and they're given a task as to what to sort or you know what's how to distribute the essentially product going down an assembly line into different stations and you know they have to do they have to do it accurately as fast as I can and you know while keeping up with how neat they do their projects my name is avery bird I'm here at the Ontario technology skills competition I was in competitor in the mechatronics competition behind me the winners from this competition will move on to the national competition in Moncton New Brunswick this competition gives competitors a skill set that is competitive and used in today's industry my program electromechanical engineering technology gave me the skillset to compete in this competition as well as the support has multiple faculty faculty members and teammates within the program

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