HPE + Flowserve: Harnessing the power of Industrial IoT and Edge Compute

when you think about the efficiencies of a process plan 90% of the assets total cost of ownership has nothing to do with the original purchase price it has everything to do with the energy required to keep it running collectively in the United States alone for the refining industry that could be the equivalent of 20 billion dollars u.s. per year that's lost from unplanned downtime floo serve serves a variety of industries around the world our business is about manufacturing and supporting some of the most advanced heavy equipment in the energy industry pumps valves mechanical seals this new emerging technology around the Internet of Things is something that we're learning through our collaboration with HP HPE we feel we're best suited to step up to leading this emerging industry of the IOT from services to security products and of course the announcement of our new edge line family as well HPE was the first to be able to actually commercialize an industrial piece of equipment that actually goes out onto a refinery floor there are many reasons to compute and analyze the data derive from the things at the IOT edge right at the IOT edge as opposed to sending it back to a cloud or a data center and one of them has to do with latency and the demand for real-time response there is engineering in sites such as will this particular machine or pump fail or does it need maintenance if we can put that level of computational horsepower right out on the plant floor we can do a bunch of things that you can't do in a cloud-based environment we count on HPE to bring that compute power to the edge so that we can make this stuff real National Instruments to help us make sure we're collecting the right data and in PTC to provide the end user interface we're helping flow serve to actually connect those bumps into our thing works IOT platform where we can apply analytics and then help predict impending failures or problems National Instruments is a global leader in measurement and control systems connecting National Instruments platform to an HPE edge line system enables us to do incredible things these types of technologies allow us to keep the equipment running longer it dramatically reduces the maintenance time window so instead of maybe taking 24 hours maybe it only takes 8 hours or 6 hours now that piece of equipment could get back into service that much faster because they only make money when that product is running through our collaboration with HPE these are the things that become possible for us you

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