HP LIFE e-Learning

do you have a business idea but not all the skills to make it go or grow the HP learning initiative for entrepreneurs called HP life can help we train entrepreneurs like you in IT and business skills since its start the program has reached over 1.2 million people with face-to-face training and online activities in 49 countries and now there is a way for even more entrepreneurs to join in the new HP life elearning allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own time free of charge just sign up and login starting with initial training content new courses will be added continuously the curriculum covers topics in finance marketing operations and communication you choose the topics most relevant to you the courses are presented and easy-to-follow sections story business concept technology skills topic discussion certification and next steps like useful tips and advice each course starts with a story featuring an entrepreneur's real-life challenge I've been making some of my friends too now their friends are asking me to make bags for them I think I can solve a bag can make some money that's wonderful in the business concepts section you learn about the basics of successful business topics are taught with hands-on exercises such as identifying different types of expenses this section shows how IT tools can help you tackle your business challenges for example in the basics of finance course you learn how to use a spreadsheet to calculate the break-even point topic discussion is your chance to meet fellow students and trainers being part of the HP Life entrepreneurs global network means access to discussion boards and online chat rooms finally certification acknowledges your achievement after completing a course print your personal certificate of completion and showcase your new qualification you'll have a personal dashboard this is where all your HP Life elearning activities come together at a glance you can easily track your progress see who has replied to your posts and check how your learning score ranks among the top learners high scoring and engaged learners may qualify for personal Eamonn Turing with skilled and dedicated HP employees if you believe HP Life elearning can help make your business dream come true you can start right away all you have to do is sign up it's free of charge and your first training course is just a few clicks away enjoy

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