How we Storyboard for eLearning

hello everyone this is a video to show you how we as a company storyboard before we create a linen packages so the first page is where we note down the product information the first step is the audience so this is how we're getting to know the teachers learner if they've got an estimate accessibility issues and one who's got learning difficulties their preferred learning style just so then we can say over that you learn a package to them the next step is the SME which stands for subject matter expert this is the person is provides you the content and is the expert on the content so you're who you go to when you're struggling with understanding what the content means or when you just need a little bit of advice and then expert is the project manager so this is the person who's creating story world handing out who's doing what so the go-to person for this project so in this case it's me and then the next step is the project support so anybody else who's working on this project with you so any level fries or fours that are working on it and the next step is course title description this is exactly what you're going to call the in Linda package and what it's going to be about just so then you know and you're aware of what what the other package is about and the next step is aims objectives so this is the aims and objectives that are going to be put into the e-learning package just as then when it gets around to us there you can easily put them in the next step is of course information so here is where you put the fonts the color schemes the client requests technical specifications any documents so for the fonts um under course game I've been really specific we put in the exact form and the hex code for the colors just so then if you're giving this or about anybody else then they can they know what colors you're wanting because if you just said red they could come back with a different color red to what you wanted just it just makes it a lot more easy and then for the client request this is just any certain wanting a specific links and what the learners definitely need to know so this teacher wanted it to be using some bit device and the destroy the tree interactive as possible that don't have any wants me do you know in which to use or anything that I said just come up with your own just just anything right that looks engaging and the technical specifications so any specific versions it's gonna be a video is gonna be a flash file is gonna be an animation do they want it to be touchscreen because I'm gonna be using all browsers is gonna be the Moodle is reporting gonna be an able to surf as a quiz do they want the report section of that and just anything that's to do with any technical side and then the attach documents so for the house I put the documents the teacher giving me when I had their meeting with them so anything that you think might help you with this new on your package and then below is any additional notes you have but you just want to tell any of the project support or just make notes for yourself and after this little way I structure out each page so for the title I just put the front page because this is the front page of the human in package and then I've just done a little diagram of what its gonna look like what cuz we're going to have what icons will be in the background just the navigation what font the text is gonna be that's gonna be centralized and then here there's a lot of section about what this page is going to be about so this page it's just the front page of an ERP and then you just keep doing this for all the pages and you reel in a package should be as specific as possible for this I put stock illustration and then the number because that's what image I'm going to use just so then again if you're giving this to someone else it's being specific I've also put the texts enemies into the right so the hours of which way it's going to like going onto the screen and again I put the navigation and what the section is about so yeah just do this for every single page I'm free learning package and like you can duplicate the slides if you need to and put the title of the page as the title of the slide yeah and then after the final step is the engaging elements so any engagement survived you have used in your a linear package this is where you'll put this into this table so there's some few key words here that I help you when you're trying to give a description or what the element is and then you put the slide number what the element is the description to what it does and then a visual example and then after that your store was ready and then you can start grating your wheel in your package thank you for listening

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