How To Publish an eLearning Article on eLearning Industry

have you heard publishing an article on e-learning industry can help you reach more than 600,000 readers and did you know that it's super easy and intuitive to post your articles who are platform with our new and improved editing interface and our fast review process you can go from writing to publishing in a flash now you can share your expertise provide value to the e-learning community and promote your ideas so why not get started today all you need is your LinkedIn account and your awesome EU learning related content here are the three simple steps to get your ideas published quickly and easily step 1 write an e-learning related article on a topic that you are passionate about we only accept previously unpublished works so make sure your content is fresh off the presses don't worry once it's been published on e-learning industry for 10 days you can publish it to your own blog or website step 2 visit elearning industry calm / post – here and click on sign in with linkedin to get started step 3 sign in using your LinkedIn account you will be redirected to our easy to use article editor but you can get started straightaway now let us guide you step by step in using the article editor and posting your awesome articles to our platform step 1 select a publish date choose a preferred publishing date that fits in your schedule step 2 choose a category we cover many e-learning related topics that your readers will be interested in step 3 at a title this should reflect the content of the article cause the reader to feel curious and be engaging step 4 add a summary right three to five sentences that get the reader excited to click on the article link step 5 add images include at least one main image that relate to your article step 6 add image credits if necessary indicate the source credits for all the images you use step 7 add your article content use headings paragraphs bullet and number lists as well as bold and italics for emphasis step 8 copyright notice and owner verification please ensure that you are the copyright owner of the submitted article plagiarizing and using someone else's content could get you been as reported step 9 check the completion meter the completion meter is your guide to article completion click on see what is missing at any time to see the sections that are still incomplete step 10 learn how to view your set we compile robust step that with a simple click show you how your article is performing learn how to get a clear analysis of traffic page views by referrals users by countries and clicks step 11 notify your network we make it super easy for you to notify your network our intuitive interface helps you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that your articles are always posted automatically step 12 submit your article and that's it you're done your awesome article will be submitted to our editors for review article approval can normally take up to 48 hours once approved we'll let you know the exact publishing date of your e-learning article with respect to your preferred date and time once published you'll be featured as a top elearning author and your article will contain a URL to your profile and in order to expand your reach will also promote your article by creating a broad social media campaign to all of eLearning industries social media networks so what are you waiting for discover how you can impact over 600,000 readers including over 400,000 Facebook 138,000 Twitter and 120,000 LinkedIn followers the biggest online e-learning community all waiting to get value from ideas get started now by clicking on the link below

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