How To Master Your Emotions Like A Navy Seal

a guy like you with such a background
that’s been through a lot some tough situations and both mentally tough
physically tough and you wouldn’t even think of you as being an emotional guy
but what’s interesting is that one of the first things that you were coaching
me on was when an event occurs you recognize first the emotion and you’re
very controlled about your response to that with me it was I applied it to
email so when I got an email you know it wasn’t on the battlefield but it was
something that might have made me the triggered you yeah and I would sleep on
it for a day and I would have my my response calculated and methodical tell
us a little bit about yeah and contingencies yeah well so the the
emotion part is it does it I get the same reaction from everybody all right
so my process that I developed begins with an awareness it begins an awareness
of emotions and then the actions that you take right because that’s you know
metacognition right be aware of what you’re thinking about think about what
you’re thinking about right look at what you’re doing because that’s that’s the
first key to any any real meaningful change and we also know now that
emotions literally do Drive everything we do they drive how we think they drive
literally the the mind-body connection we have an emotion the brain literally
sends a chemical down to the body now you feel that it is science it’s not New
Age hippie propaganda so with that that’s where I start people right
understand your emotions and really what I get a lot is that people feel guilty
about having an emotion and what I tell them is it doesn’t matter where the
emotion comes from that’s in the past sure maybe someday figure out you know
maybe you had a tough relationship with a parent and I don’t mean this you know
shake maybe you didn’t get hugged enough right maybe and that affected you yeah
that’s okay it’s still fairly unimportant what matters is you have
that emotion based on what doesn’t matter you’re still having it recognize
it embrace it it’s okay to have the emotion what’s not
okay is to just act on that’s not okay cuz that’s not leader dude there’s an
impulsive reaction as opposed to a thought out and thought of respond you
can’t have a thought out methodical response if you don’t recognize the
inherent emotion that’s driving their response just can’t happen yep
so anger right jealousy okay you will act a certain way on that if you aren’t
aware of it and then it becomes habit I talk about right the subconscious you’ve
just done that so many times your body now just does it without your mind
thinking so somebody makes me mad I yell and scream I call you a name that’s just
what you do now yeah okay we say recognize it and we say trigger emotion
that happens action that’s what normal people do
leaders do trigger motion we think and decide what are you doing side to think
and decide there’s a lot of things you can do inside to think and decide the
first thing though is you can’t think and decide unless you’ve identified the
emotion you have to recognize it trigger anger let me think and decide what do I
want to do you know what I think it’s time I act angrily okay do it it’s a
conscious decision now you get to see the outcome now you get to learn about
your instincts you know what I went with the angry reaction and that went badly
I shouldn’t trust that incident you’re aware you’re aware that’s what it’s all
about it’s the awareness so the emotion part everybody has the same reaction but
now we get it right you even said to me right I really appreciate that feedback
you’re like really after we stopped that I thought about this thing like huh yeah
I guess I really do need to kind of look at these things just for more
understanding and for nothing else what’s interesting is some of the these
areas are speaking about about recognizing the emotion and then your
planned out methodical response there’s a emerging field within behavior
analysis called a CT or acceptance commitment therapy and that’s that’s
mimicking yeah some of those same areas well and that was the beauty of our
relationship when we started talking about these things I would say here’s my
process yeah oh yeah there’s a there’s a new theory a CT right okay yeah in the
behavioral science I mean it’s fascinating how absolutely


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