How To Lose 9 lbs of Belly Fat In 6 Weeks (Science-Based)

Hello! 5 years ago I used to be like
this. With lots of belly fat. Now how did I get from this with lots of belly fat
to this today? I’m gonna show you in this video how you
can lose 9 lbs of belly fat in 6 weeks and if you continue with these
strategies, you will continue to lose belly fat. That’s what’s coming up
shortly. You stay tuned. I’ll see you in a couple of seconds. Welcome back. I’m Dr Joe of If this is your first time on this channel, can I extend
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of future videos that I make. You know in life we have all sorts of nicknames for our
belly fat. Some call it middle-age spread. Some call it beer belly. Some call
it Love Handles. Whatever name you have for your belly fat, the truth of the
matter is that, belly fat does have health implications and I’m talking
about things like high blood pressure insulin resistance leading to type-2
diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome. Now here’s something you should
know. As your waist circumference exceeds your hip circumference, your risk of
attracting all of those medical conditions that I talked about actually
increases. So, losing belly fat is not just for cosmetic reasons; it’s actually a
health promoting idea. In this video, I’m going to share with you a step-by-step
approach to actually losing your belly fat. But before I do that, I want to share
a few principles with you. The 1st principle is that whatever model of fat
loss method that you choose, it should be something that suits your lifestyle. The
2nd principle is that you should be looking long-term. Not short-term. Because
if you look short-term you’re going to lose the fat now but you’re gonna re-accumulate the fat later on. The 3rd principle is that we’re gonna keep our
cortisol and insulin hormone levels low We need cortisol and insulin to actually
survive but we don’t need high levels of them. So for us to succeed in losing our
belly fat, we need to keep the level of our cortisol and insulin hormone levels low.
The 4th principle is that, we’re gonna focus our energy
on diet and exercise because those are the essential tools that actually work.
Now this step by step methods that I’m gonna share with you here today are
actually very simple. But simplicity works. So, let’s get started. So, step 1.
Step one is we’re gonna cut out processed carbs okay.
Processed carbs. They’re not good for you if you want to lose belly fat.
Sometimes people wonder: Processed Carbs… well what does that mean? Well I’ve got
some examples here just to put things in perspective. So the first one here is
biscuits This is digestive biscuits. Cookies to my
North American friends another cookies okay. You cannot eat this.
This is processed carbs if you want to lose belly fat. Custard.
Not good for you, if you want to lose belly fat. You’ve got to cut this out Here’s the another one. Process carbs.
Crunchy nuts. Crunchy nuts not good for you if you want to lose belly fat. Got to cut that
out. Another one. This is Krave. choco roulette is called. Not good for you
if you want to really lose belly fat Okay that needs to go. Here’s another.
Shredded wheat. Not good for you if you want to lose belly fat. So, we need
to cut out all of these foods if we want to lose belly fat. That’s step 1. Now
step 2. So what should we do in step two? Step 2 is that, we’re gonna cut out
sugar. Now when we talk about cutting out sugar, people always think about just
regular table sugar. Well, it’s more than that it’s actually a broad spectrum and
I’ve got some examples here of sugary foods that you need to cut out. So here’s
one. Muffins. Muffins gotta go if you really serious about losing belly fat
this has got to go No muffins. Scones. Scones another sugar.
Gotta go. Here’s one of our favorites. Doughnuts.
Donuts. They gotta go can I eat canned fruits? No, you cannot eat
canned fruit. This is filled with syrup Another Sugar Bomb. A lot of sweet stuff.
These are just examples. There are more. I just got some specimens here just to
give you some examples of the kinds of foods we’re talking about. So, why should we
cut out processed carbs and sugar? The reason for this is; these foods actually
caused a spike in blood sugar and once your blood sugar level spikes, your
insulin level is going to spike as well So, there will be a corresponding spike
in insulin levels. Remember, one of our guiding principles is that, we need to
keep our insulin levels in check. We need to keep insulin levels low. So, when
you eat all of these foods, insulin levels gonna rise and insulin is a fat
storing hormone. Not only does insulin store fat, it actually stops you from
losing the fat you already stored. So, insulin is a huge sabotage as far as losing
belly fat is concerned. That is why you need to cut out processed carbs as well
as Sugar. So step 3. Now we still on diet. What should you do? Should you go low
fat or low carb? Well, let’s look at the science. One of the commonest questions I
get when people are trying to lose belly fat is; should I go low carb or low fat
and the answer to that question is; it really doesn’t matter and there is
research evidence to support that view Here’s one. This one was published in the
Journal of the American Medical Association. Looking at effect of low fat
versus low carb diet in 609 individuals who were overweight over a 12-month
period and the main finding from that study was that (oh by the way this study
was randomized) The main finding was that there was weight loss in both the low carb
group as well as the low-fat group. But more importantly, the weight change over
the 12-month period was not significantly different in both the
low-fat group and the low carb group. So, there is proof there for you that it really doesn’t matter And here’s another study that looked at the
effect low carb versus low-fat diet on mood, hunger and other self-reported
symptoms and in this study both groups actually lost weight and there was a
positive effect on mood and hunger in both groups. So, there goes the science. But
here is my personal preference. I will encourage you to go low carb without
going ketogenic. Ketogenic is the extreme form of low carb. I don’t want you to go Ketogenic. I just want you to go low carb. What do I mean by that? I simply mean
that you cut out the starchy carbs. So, starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice… You
need to cut them out and the reason for that is starchy carbs are high calorie
foods and they will get in the way of you reaching your calorie deficit on a
daily basis. Because for you to actually lose your belly fat, you need to be in
calorie deficit on a daily basis and you just going to do this temporarily for at
least 8 weeks. You do this for 8 weeks and then you can reintroduce them
later on in limited amounts but for the first eight weeks or so when you’re
cutting it makes sense for you to go to low carb without going ketogenic. So, step
4. Step 4 involves exercise. Should you exercise? Yes, you should. Because if
you exercise you’re gonna protect your muscle. One of the things that tends to
happen when you’re trying to lose weight is that, you lose muscle as well. By
exercising you actually protect your lean mass. You protect your lean muscle
mass. So, you should exercise. My preferred form of exercise is; weight training. You
shouldn’t be afraid of weight training You don’t need to go to the gym. All you
need is just some simple weights. Just buy some simple weights like kettlebells as
well as dumbbells and indeed even if you don’t want to buy any of these, you can
simply use your body weight for weight training. Now should you do spot
reduction? Spot reduction is when you concentrate on working on the abdominal
area. So, let’s look at the science for spot reduction. So when it comes to exercise
sometimes people want to do what’s called spot reduction. That is to say
they focus their efforts on the abdomen because one will lose fat from the belly.
So, they feel that well they should work the abdominal area. Now the question is;
does it work? And the short answer to that question is: No, it doesn’t. Spot
reduction does not work and there is research evidence to support that. Here’s
one looking at regional fat changes where they trained just one leg over a
12-week period and the main finding from it was that, there were no significant
changes in both the muscle mass as well as the fat mass in the trained leg
compared to the control leg. The control leg was the leg that wasn’t trained and
in conclusion the training program was effective in reducing fat mass overall
but this reduction was not achieved in the trained body segment. So, the fat loss
was global all over the body but not in the trained leg. So spot reduction does
not work. Here’s another looking at the arm. In this study, they were training just
one arm as opposed to the other and what did they find? They found the same thing.
There was a generalized fat loss independent of whether you a man or
woman but the spot reduction did not occur in the arm that was trained when they
used MRI to scan the individuals in the study. Next is; okay we’ve worked ARM, we’ve
worked the LEG and we didn’t really lose fat from that area. How about working the
abdominal area? After all, it sort of makes sense. it’s logical. Work the tummy
area. Doing crunches and sit-ups. Maybe we’re going to lose fat from the tummy.
Well this was actually studied over a six-week period and the conclusion from
that study was that after six weeks of abdominal exercise training that wasn’t
enough to reduce belly fat and other measures of body composition. The only
good news is that you will improve the muscular endurance of your muscles in
that area. So there you go. Spot reduction is not really necessary. You
just need to exercise your whole body and the fat will fall off.
Step 5. Well, Step 5 has to do with technique. What type of exercise you do?
My personal preference is that you should combine medium intensity workouts
with high intensity workouts. The reason for this is; high intensity workouts will
help you to mobilize the fat and medium intensity will help you to actually
torch the fats. So combining medium as well as high intensity workouts will
help you to actually lose your belly fat a lot more quickly and for avoidance or
doubt, medium-intensity refers to exercises like brisk walking, jogging,
swimming and high intensity workouts workout where you actually are flat-out.
Where you’ll be completely out of breath You can turn any exercise into a high
intensity just by doubling, tripling or quadrupling the pace. So medium intensity
combined with high intensity is what’s gonna do the trick for you.
Well that is my step-by-step approach to losing belly fat and keeping it off. If
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