How To Go Super Saiyan with Science! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– The foundational manga
and anime Dragon Ball Z has made a huge mark on
popular culture and on me. Cell saga is the best saga. Its influence is everywhere,
going Super Saiyan as a meme has even made it into sports culture. But is there a way to explain
this iconic transformation without mystical talking dragons and hyperbolic time chambers? Oh wait, let’s start
the episode correctly. (off-key singing) In Dragon Ball Z, going Super
Saiyan is a way for a fighter to unlock potential and radically increase their power level. But tapping into this reservoir of energy is explicitly about life
forces and ki and the afterlife in the show and the manga,
but I think that science can make sense of the transformation too. Let’s be scientific about this. When someone goes Super
Saiyan, what do we observe? Well, when Goku makes the transformation, his hair stands up and changes color, and then an aura of energy
stuff forms around him, and electricity crackles
randomly throughout the air. Also when he’s in this state, he can fly and fling energy orbs around. Is there some theory
that we can come up with that explains all this data? I think so, and we can start with what starts in the clouds: lightning. Now, we don’t know how lightning starts, it could be random cosmic rays, but we know how lightning gets going. During a thunderstorm, air in a cloud is moving around enough that the particles inside of that cloud are gaining
charge and then separating. They are moving negative charges
to the bottom of the cloud, which is inducing a large
positive charge on the surface of the earth. Now when this imbalance of
charge gets large enough between these two systems,
it is suddenly balanced by a massive surge of
electricity that thunders to the ground at up to
50% the speed of light, almost instantaneous. Oops too far, too far! So if Saiyans could build up
massive electric potential on the outside of their
bodies, like storm clouds do, then it might explain the random
electrical arcs and sparks that form when they transform. It’s like tiny lightning. But this could also explain why
their hair stands up on end. Now you probably have heard
of static electricity, but do you know why it’s
called that and why it makes you hair go all funny? I didn’t. If I rub a balloon on
the surface of my head, some of my head’s electrons, which are negatively
charged, are gonna wanna jump onto the balloon, which leaves
behind a relatively positive charge on the surface of my head just sitting there,
statically, static electricity. My hair is now attracted to
the balloon because the charges are dissimilar but because my hair has a relatively positive charge, which is all similar, they
want to repel each other, and the only way to get
as far apart as possible from each other, geometrically
speaking, is to separate, like this. Kind of Super Saiyan-y. I mean, it’s not quite Goku,
but he probably uses product. Giant electric potentials do
a decent job of explaining electric arcs and spiky hair, but what about the flashier stuff? If we think– – [Narrator] Will Kyle
ever finish his episode? – What? – [Narrator] Find out next
time on BecauseScience! – I guess we can’t do the– – [Narrator] Last time on BecauseScience, Kyle started his explanation
but will he ever finish? – Okay, like I was saying, if we think about going Super Saiyan like manipulating large electric
potentials around the body, can this explain the auras that we observe around these characters
when they transform? Now imagine that this
Dragon Ball here is covered in a large amount of
charge, say negative charge like the bottom of a storm cloud. This creates an electric field around it. Now, any atoms around the
air that have a charge that come near this electric field are going to be accelerated by it. Now if just one of those
accelerated particles has enough energy to hit a neutral atom, and rip its electrons off to ionize it, then it will start a chain reaction, where all the nearby atoms are ionized going forward. What’s called an electron avalanche, and it turns air instantaneously
from an insulator to a conductor, allowing current to flow. This is how lightning propagates
and this is what we see because as these ions
recombine with their electrons, they release energy in the
form of photons of light. But, at smaller scales, before
arcs, before sparks form, these kinds of avalanches can
look more like glowing auras. This glow is called a corona
discharge, casual Kamehameha, and these discharges look
pretty close to the auras that we want. And they form even better
on edges and spikes because charge tends to gather there, which Goku and his hair have a lot… Have a lot of. And speaking of his hair,
coronas can also change color. Because corona discharges break
down air like neon signs do, if the gases change,
then the colors change. So for example, if Goku with
all of his electric potential, was on a planet with a
sodium vapor-rich atmosphere, his aura through corona
discharge would look yellowish. If it was a mercury vapor-rich atmosphere, it would look blueish, and if the atmosphere
was full of neon gas, then it would appear red. So different atmospheric conditions combined with the corona discharge could change the color
of Super Saiyan auras, and by extension their hair as you looked through those auras. I know that the auras are
more linked to power level and has nothing to do with
the gases that they’re in, but come on, I’m trying my best here. It’s very uncomfortable
in weighted clothes. They are heavy as… All that’s left to explain
is Super Saiyan flight and energy orbs, which is the next topic that I am going to explain, right now, if I am not interrupted. Alright we’re good– – [Narrator] How will
Kyle’s explanation end? – Dang it!
– Find out next time! – Why can’t it just be one– – [Narrator] Last time on BecauseScience. Kyle continued his
explanation, but can he science the last aspects of going Super Saiyan? (groans) – I think electrically
powered Super Saiyans has worked as a decent theory so far, and it works as a way for them to fly too. If I had a large electric
charge over the surface of my body, it would spread out, but gather at the points and edges, and then it would break down the air along these points and
edges in corona discharges like we talked about. But because that air is
breaking down and ionizing, some of it is going to
have the same charge, meaning that it’s going to
be repelled in this process, which drags surrounding air along with it, creating an ionic wind. Boop, if you perfectly direct ionic wind, you can generate thrust,
and you can spin tiny paper airplanes around. Or life ionocraft. Sure the thrust on
display here is minuscule, but that’s only because we haven’t created powerful batteries that
are very very light. So, if Super Saiyans could
generate millions of volts of electric potential on
the surface of their bodies and perfectly direct the
ionic wind perfectly, then they could in theory fly. And this actually fits with
what we observe in the show. When you go Super Saiyan, you
create a giant blast of wind that can even lift other
characters up off of the ground. (yells) Senzu bean please! Thank you. Ugh what, did a cat with
a walking stick make this that lives in the sky and talks? (groans) Dragon Ball Z is weird. The final part of going Super Saiyan, having access to giant
channels or orbs of energy, might be the easiest to explain. In between large electric potentials, the air breaks down in
an electron avalanche, and when that happens, the air goes from insulator to conductor
and current can flow as long as voltage is being supplied. Like we talked about, this
is how arcs and sparks and corona discharges
form, but what they form when it’s hot and glowy and dangerous is the fourth state of matter: plasma. Basically a superheated
gas with its electrons ripped from the nuclei of its atoms. This could be our blob of energy. It would still have to be
shaped by Super Saiyan powers, magnetic fields question mark? But we could in theory
use this as a source of potentially destructive
thermal and kinetic energy. So, how could you go
Super Saiyan with science? Well what I am proposing is
that mastering life energy or ki is really just
mastering electric potential, being able to muster and martial
oceans of electric charge to generate lift from ionic wind, to create auras and their
color from corona discharges, to get spiky hair and
electrical arcs off your body that make you look all cool
from static electricity, and globs of plasma from
the superheated gases that result from all that other stuff. All you need to do is
throw the switch, because– – [Narrator] Will Kyle
ever finish his episode? – I just did. – [Narrator] Can he
science going Super Saiyan? – I think I did okay. – [Narrator] BecauseScience. – Exactly. (upbeat electrosynth music) Air is a very good insulator,
the figure that you can use is about 10,000 volts to break
down one centimeter of air. So if you’ve ever seen a spark jump a gap, like if you rub your feet and touch a metal object, if it is an inch long,
or 2.54 centimeters, it’s like 30,000 volts that
is jumping from your body into another body. But because the current isn’t that high, you don’t have heart
attack, which is good. Thank you so much for watching Derrick. If you like this video, make
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