How to build synergy at IQ

My lab currently is in an open lab environment,
and I love that approach. People talk to each other, they bump into
each other on the way to the imaging lab, exchange ideas. This building has an amazing number of places
to congregate and discuss and collaborate, little collaborative space, and has a really
great system for communicating throughout the building what people are doing with the
monitors throughout the building expressing the different research areas that are going
on in the building and the progress that we've been making. I like the overall design of an open lab approach. The thematic areas don't follow traditional
lines of academic research in that we don't have a group of chemists and a group of biochemists
and a group of plant people. You have everybody working together throughout
the entire spectrum. That requires that people talk, that they
communicate, that they interact, and we've designed the themes of the building such that
it's horizontally integrated with the given theme, but vertically integrated with their
set of tools and technologies, so I'm hoping that we've designed it in such a way that
there's a network of interaction throughout the building where there's connectivity throughout. Hopefully synergies will grow from that that
will make the group much stronger than the individual labs. The whole concept of an open lab approach
is working together and pushing the themes that we've identified forward in a collaborative,
synergistic way, and I like that environment. I like that approach. That is something we tried to build on, and
that is that everybody in this building will have a home department. They'll have a home where they have their
teaching requirements and they'll have a place where they'll have colleagues that work on
a related area, but here it'll all be integrated. I've designed it in a way that people are
pushed a little bit out of their comfort zone because I think it's too easy to become complacent
and sit in your own little world and not look to the bigger picture. By putting people that work across disciplines
in one area, everybody gets pushed a little bit further. New ideas come out of that, by creating these
opportunities where people can communicate. So I'm hoping that's the strategy that will
work here.

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