How ThingsPro Speeds Up Industrial IoT Deployment

Moxa’s Industrial IoT gateways come pre-installed
with ThingsPro™, an integrated data-acquisition and device-management software suite.
ThingsPro consists of a Data Logger for easy data acquisition, a Wireless Manager for 4G
LTE connectivity, and RESTful APIs for easy access to gateway configuration. Since most industrial protocols do not generate
data that is compatible with the formats required by data analytic solutions, companies have
to implement complex data conversion solutions for industrial protocols that they are not
familiar with. The ThingsPro Data Logger tool automatically
converts fieldbus protocols and data formats used by legacy equipment to make them compatible
with the formats used by data analysis tools such as Big Data. What’s more, you can transfer
field data directly or schedule file uploads to a local or remote database without installing
additional software on the IIoT gateway. ThingsPro also supports the IoT connectivity protocol,
MQTT. ThingsPro makes it easy to connect field devices
to the gateway on a large scale by providing Modbus compatible templates.
In addition, ThingsPro also provides C and Python APIs that let you access the Modbus
framework data for ease of use. Constant Internet connectivity and rapid deployment
of devices are mission-critical requirements for Industrial IoT applications.
The built-in Wireless Manager tool in ThingsPro provides 4G LTE communication capability with
a keep-alive function that ensures a continuous connection and prevents data loss.
The serial-to-cellular and Ethernet-to-cellular routing functions help connect most types
of peripheral devices to the 4G network. The ability to add context to data collected
from field devices and display this data on dashboards to cater to different business
needs, is a common requirement in today’s applications.
ThingsPro supports RESTful APIs that provide access to the IIoT gateway configuration,
which makes it easy to integrate the gateway data into other applications including dashboards. Moxa’s IIoT gateways coupled with the ThingsPro
software suite help you derive insightful data from your industrial equipment so that
you can get the full benefit of the Industrial IoT.

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  1. Shiju Jacob said:

    Do we need a Static IP Sim card in Gateway?

    June 29, 2019

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