How technology saved a woman's life in a car crash

well a couple of weeks ago 87 year-old Dottie White was in a terrible car wreck in Kennebunk she managed to walk away from that crash but is now dealing with some bruises and broken bones yeah luckily for her help though came almost immediately but it is how she was able to receive it that was truly amazing here is this Samantha York with her story this was the scene was a nice day two weeks ago at this busy intersection I'm on my way home with lots of nice groceries in Kennebunk bang shaken and confused Dottie white soon realized what had happened apparently a woman had come out of a road here and ran straight into me reeling with shock the 87 year old wondered how she would let her family know she'd been in a car accident and then this happened my watch told me we have you falling at route 1 on Kennebunk help is on the way her Apple watch detected what it thought was a hard fall and immediately notified her family and first responders of the crash the watch dialed my son in Florida my daughter in Massachusetts and my daughter in Maine so you know they could just come they knew something had happened and to where it happens it was really helpful to get that message her son James immediately called his sister who after receiving the message herself rushed to her mother's side I knew at that point he says it brought his family instant relief knowing something as simple as a watch could provide this much help in an emergency she's always been independent and she's happy to be in her own home so it's it's nice for us to have this communication so that if there's any kind of a problem we can respond very quickly she's got a few broken bones I've broken my clavicle right here broken ribs here and a bone in my foot but Dottie is now back home resting and reflecting it's pretty nice that just have it on your wrist you have the time the weather and help saying no matter how old you are there's always peace of mind and knowing help is never far away again it's the technology is really good in some instances it's kind of troublesome in others every night it seems like we have a story in one way or the other I'm gonna pick your poison yeah I miss I may have missed this how did is it no difference between and you falling and dropping to watch for example I wonder how its algorithm determines the difference right because there's got to be a difference it's I think it's convection is it

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  1. Cy Clones said:

    Look at all these car crashes in Maine I’m sick of all the people on the phone !

    June 27, 2019

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