How Technology Can Shape Our Interdependence | Bill Clinton | Google Zeitgeist

>>President Bill Clinton: I have to say that,
to me, I think you shouldn’t assume, in going forward with the implications of all your
work, that everybody that you run with is representative of most of the people in the
world. Not only because technology has not reached them, but because technology may have
reached them before other things reached into their hearts and minds.
A lot of how the 21st century turns out is a matter of mind and heart. Who are we? What
gives meaning and purpose to our life? What are our obligations to other people? To future
generations? To the Earth? With the stresses of climate change and local resource depletions.
What model will dominate our interdependence? All the pioneers of information technology
have created the most amazingly interdependent world, and all the lessons of both your successes
and the newspaper headlines indicate that interdependence can be positive, negative,
or, human nature being what it is, both.

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