How is technology transforming aviation industry?

so we operate major international airports across the UK we've got a situation now where the passenger experience is being revolutionized the way that people use technology now to plan to schedule to communicate to shop to navigate that's completely changing so one of the things that we're doing is absolutely looking at how we can use that technology to much maximize value to key things are really important to us one is about penetration and the other one is about average transaction value we've got about 300 different organizations work across our sites and what we're using technology for is to plug all those people together to try and drive value from that customer experience as they come through our airports in the old days we only used to have the customer at the airport for a very short space of time and we used to try and extract value from that from that from that time they were there now we're looking more in their book in their holiday – how can we make that connection with them all the way to LA after the the holiday or all that all their travel so that we cannot continue to extract value from it and that's what we're doing with some of the technologies that we've got so we're really using technology to innovate and to bring all those stakeholders together to maximize value for our business

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