How Dutch Innovation and Research feeds the World | WUR

the world where billions of people live their daily lives work love and eat the Netherlands is a small country one of the most densely populated areas in the world and yet the second largest fruit exporting country worldwide that's 20% of the total export value of the Netherlands and it's still growing that's how we contribute to the world food supply one of the keys to success is the bargaining and university and research where we develop healthy sustainable and efficient systems to help feed the world it's where government science and business cooperate and make knowledge into smart applications that improve the quality of life sustainability plays a crucial role in our work we create water efficient agricultural systems through the combination of fundamental and applied research far-fetched ideas become reality such as a highly efficient dairy chain with milking robots or precision agriculture providing healthy diets for people and new industries like the circular economy find their roots at bargaining in University and research do you want to work together join us you

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