How Cloud Computing Saves Businesses Money – Part 2

hi everyone this is well I am the solution so I can talk about them telex and my name is Matt I'm the operations manager Arkansas weeks one of the great things about cloud computing you tend to hear a lot about is the fact that you can really if your business is starting to scale up you can really adapt with that and cloud computing can save you a lot of money on costs as more people start to view your website one of the things I'm wondering is can cloud computing the ineffective or even costly if say things don't work out the way you're expecting they might the future and in fact you actually lose traffic to your website right so first that you have to pay more as more users are reviewing your website because you're using more resources that's just inevitable what really comes down to saving cost we are trying to scale it's the fact that there's less friction between you trying to scale up that's what really cloud computing offers there's less management or we're happy to get your system to be able to support from let's see if doesn't use it to a hundred thousand users there's less friction if you were to use compute which will ultimately translate to in a monetary value you don't have to you know hire more iceberg you don't have to worry about infrastructure as much that's what really the cost of you know scalability coming the second part of the question is are you going to necessarily lose money or what how do you save money when there isn't as much traffic coming to your website and the answer is one word that is the elasticity so what cloud computing really offers is the ability to have the elastic system wait last a system means is the amount of margin overhead that you have to spend to basically respond to a spiky traffic let's say your website has a thousand users today and you have to spin up one server right and that's say to spit support 10,000 users to need a cluster of 10 servers right in the old days without computing you have to assemble these servers and let's say your website gets spiky traffic one day and then we'll go dormant in it next couple month it was have to worry about how to deal with these cars right how to manage them make sure they don't break but with the call of duty it's just matter of seconds before you can you know reach to that level and it may be with a development of containerization and service you don't even have to wait for you know couple seconds you can just media to be ready and you only have to pay based on resource so there's less surprise surprises and less unexpected cost with regards to consuming additional reason but I guess what you're saying is whether you have to scale up or if you have to scale down me and cloud computing can save you a lot of money correct it's a it's the ability to respond to rapid growth or spiky traffic and high you know high throughput from and provide a more reliable system well there you have it those are just some of the ways the cloud computing can save your business money

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