How can I get a job as Data Analyst or Data Visualization Developer

hi there welcome to this video and in this video I will talk about how can I get a job as a data analyst or data visualization developer now this is a question I keep getting from you guys who have subscribed or not subscribed but are interested in making a career in data analysis or data visualization and because I do a blogging related to the data visualization tools like QlikView clixsense tableau even on the Python and are I receive such questions that even after preparing the ports or even after completing the pores or getting the education I am NOT able to do it similarly somebody wants to change the industry let's say somebody is into a technical support but they have now become very bored out of it and want to switch to a different industry and the interest is on the data visualization or data analysis because of the rise into the data science domain where one of the role is the data analyst or the data visualization developer who can really prove provide stunning visualization create dashboard for the exploratory analysis so here I will take a dig at how you can get a job either you are a fresher or you are or you want to switch the industry and on these 10 steps about these 10 steps is which I basically talks about in my other programs as well and I am giving you here as completely free but if you are interested in in doing more of a consulting more of an real-time interview practice with me that is basically my paid session which I charge and if you are interested you can reach out to me and we can discuss about it alright so let's move on where I will here show you the 10 steps and the very first step is select a tool based on your interest now why I say this because in the market today there are many tools selecting the best tools based on your interest whether it is tableau which is kind of a market leader power bi a market leader again in 2019 as well as click which is also near to the market leading possi in terms of completeness of vision and execution the they are basically should be your choice where you can basically develop your interest and these three tools basically bring the different sort of capabilities one tool is basically explore having more expertise or require more expertise in terms of programming another basically more of a drag-and-drop and one is basically a combination so basically do a careful review where what your interest is if you are not much interested on the programming but more interested on creating stunning visualization and all or if you are coming from the data big a background have a lot of good exposure around the data and want to prepare the visualizations you can basically look at so those kind of tools which provide the capability and begin your period that's that's the number one thing especially for those who wants to switch the industry those who are fresher I am pretty sure that if they are looking towards making a career in the field of data science or data visualization they have pretty much started with at least one or two tools so first is select a tool based on your interest and get a good grasp on it second is get a strong hold on the basic to intermediate feature of that tool so once you have selected the tool let's say for example if you have selected the tableau there are a lot of different features which is available and that get on which you will get a question whether an interview or in a certification so it's really really important that you have a strong hold on the basics of intermediate level of features of that tool so that if you are appearing for an interview you get a very or you're giving a very good answers about those questions third is work on open data projects and showcase your skills I've been talking about it and during my videos or during my other programs that there is a lot of open data which is available I mean even if you are like on 365 days you can just take one data every day and create a project out of it in two or three hours and which you can display resuming which will basically help you get a good grasp on the tool and showcase your skills to your prospective employer which increases a lot of chance to get hired now after that highlight your work at the top of your resume a like I said work on that data projects which is open data projects and highlight that work at the top of your resume is so that whenever the prospective employer is looking at your resume a UK your work is getting highlighted at the top and they can basically go to the LEAs cloud version of the sites like for example tableau has a cloud version click has a cloud version power bi has a cloud version and they can basically look at your work and get impressed and invite you for an interview that means like 50% of the war you have already warned without even appearing for an interview so very very important step that you need to keep in mind now after that get a good response equal select queries if you especially if you are not coming from the sequel background very very important that along with this to get a good grasp on sequel select queries about what type of sickle cell ad carry's queries which are available and how to create joins how how to do group by what is having clause all of those kind of things which is absolutely necessary to get a job in the particular domain which you choose I cannot emphasize enough that how important it is to learn sequel select queries after that make a comprehensive list of interview questions so first of all you know you have the interview questions which is available on multiple website first of all make a comprehensive list so that you don't have to visit our you you don't have that information in your mind and which is a bit of a confusion over a period of time about which side to visit so first of all make a comprehensive practice question after that prioritize those questions which are important which are not important or based on your experience the interview then interview questions which are getting asked into the interview what try to understand the pattern from the interviewer who is asking you the question what kind of questions are getting us first what kind of questions are getting asked later how they relate the question from one question to another basically then prioritize your list make associations that one question is associated to another and then practice it this will further increase your chance that let's see if in one or first or second interview or third interview we're not able to make it then with the help of your observations skills you can make a comprehensive comprehensive list and observation skills you can create a prioritize and connected list of questions and then practice it which will help you to crack the interview maybe let's seize a third of all the time now after that take the online certification quizzes along with the interview question there are sites which provide online certification quizzes for example if you are doing a certification is in great power bi or tableau there are sites which are their own site which basically provide the online quizzes for free take those quizzes write those quizzes so that you have an idea about what kind of questions that are basically getting passed in quizzes and the similar question you can even face in an interview so having a good grasp on this is further increasing your chance to get a job in the lead analyst after that update your resume a every day now this this is a tricky suggestion and I get a lot of question when I am in my you know assignment those students who are working with me one on one basis so how the first question is how I can update my resume every day I mean I cannot change my skills so that's not the case the case is that if you observe and try to relate this Third Point work on open data project and showcase your skills every day you can just take one single data set and try to create one say one project out of it which you can then update will little bit of description or one or two line of description in your resume it that will help you update your resume until unless you then don't get a job so you will have to make that effort to to update your resume almost every date which is increasing your skills and getting giving you and how to update your resume and why I'm I'm saying this is because once your resume is updated the algorithm of the of the job sites basically search the most recently updated resumes and gives that resume a at the top when some when some hiring manager or the HR is searching for the resume in the relevant category so if your resumes up to is updated every day your resume a will come at the top and you will basically maximize your chance to get invited for the interview so very very important I usually give it in my paid program but I am giving you free so that you can get maximum value out of it and get yourself landed in the job after that join the Facebook crops and the LinkedIn crops where jobs are getting posted directly even I post the jobs over there directly so I trust it I have hired many people from there and trust me these are some serious groups on the Facebook or LinkedIn where real people are posting the jobs and the real people are applying there from the job and I cannot emphasize enough that how much we value I have got all of these groups and finally join the local meetups or chapters where like-minded people are coming so that you are not only attending this getting the knowledge as well as getting a chance to have a real social connection with those people who are working in that industry and suppose if you are presenting your paper and if they like it it is pretty much possible that they are either inviting for an interview or may even ask you whether you would like to join their team and get a job over there so very very important that you joined those chapters figure out those chapters if the chapter is not present take an effort create a chapter so don't wait for an opportunity create an opportunity by creating these meetups on local chapters which is increasing your chance to land in a successful job and make a real connection with the real people that is related to your industry so these are guys some dance taps which either a beginner or an experienced person who wants to switch the industry or even in the same industry if you want to go to a next level I believe some of the points are very very important that you can take and which will help you to take your career on the next level so this is what I wanted to give you if you are interested in in the real-time interview assessment I provide the guiding perch with me and I can help you understand what the program is and how you can make a success out of it thank you so much for watching this video I will meet you in a new video with a new topic

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