How BeSafe Technologies is Improving Public Safety with IoT

<i></i> I got interested in school safety over 20 years ago. At the time I was the deputy commissioner of public safety in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while at the same time was an elected school board member in my community. I began to ask schools what procedures, what systems, what tools they had in place, how they protected students, how they communicated with police, fire and other first responders. How the schools kept kids safe at school. BeSafe provides real time data and detailed information about a campus, facility or building. Shared through our secure cloud safety portal with police, fire and other emergency response personnel, BeSafe floor plans, photos, unique building features and other vital information is instantly accessible to all coordinated emergency personnel. As our program grew we expanded into hospitals, municipal buildings, corporate offices. Since our beginning we have deployed our system in over 2000 buildings. Besafe's new Active Shield platform delivers the right information, into the right hands, at the right time. With active shield leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure secure cloud computing and Insights world class IoT and AI development and deployment capabilities, we believe that we are on the path to become the go to safety platform for all cities and towns in the United States.

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