How ANG LEE pushed technological boundaries with GEMINI MAN | TIFF 2019

[Lee] 3D is fundamentally different. It just, it’s a different thing. 3D I think benefits performances. People associate it with action, but the biggest gain is on static faces. First of all, you need to
raise frame rate and clarity, so you can even see it, ’cause the requirement to
process that image in your head, is — the requirement, the standard much higher. You have two angles come
to a conversion point — that’s very much life. It’s not so much the lines they say; it’s nearly between the lines. It’s like you’re watching a person, you’re detecting a person,
you feel the person. It’s not just like you deal
with the technical side — it just all together very different. How it processes through
your eyes to your brain is actually a very different activity. I think at the end of the day, this is a media for drama. Simple moments that tell you the truth. “25 years ago, your father took my blood, and he cloned me. He made you from me. He chose me ’cause there’s
never been anybody like me, and he knew one day I was gonna get old, and then you’d step in.” [Lee] First of all, you have to change the way you make movie. How, I’m still searching. And the detail, the information you feed to the eyes has to be raised quite a bit. Once you raise that,
how do you make believe? How do you fake something? That becomes quite fascinating to me. It’s hands-on — how do
you make this happen, make that happen? How do you study a face? How do you read that behaviour? That really gets to me. Technology is a tool, it’s how you use it. We take technology into our hand, and we chase our imaginations. I don’t believe we can ever catch it, but we’ll just keep trying. I do believe eventually there’s
a beautiful world out there to grasp for movie-makers. [Optimistic electronic music]

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  1. Room 616 said:

    The technological effect was ground breaking. Too bad people did not recognize its greatness. Fuck Hollywood critics anyway. I wish we no longer let "important" people rate and judge movies in the future. Let's just enjoy this artform. How many good movies that we seen that "flopped" or "bombed" at the box office ended up being a great film? #Nomorerating

    October 20, 2019

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