HotBlack Robotics – Making service robotics reality

the internet of things and the industry 4.0
are words that today are becoming more and more popular
and it s written in any business trend that those words are going to change the world
tomorrow yeah but in my personal opinion today those
very popular words are super cool but are just words i mean there is not an actual market
of robotics and industry oh things right? i m gabriele co founder and ceo of hotblack
robotics and we have a big question in our minds and it s how we can really make those
words reality?i mean we want actually a robotics service application into the market today,
not tomorrow! and we want a smart manufacturing actually how can we really concretize these
things? so as hotblack robotics we made this cloud robotics platform to give knowledge
about robotics and skills to people of our community because unfortunately there are
not so many people that know that the most popular robotic operating system is called
ros and stands for robot operating system it s very cool and it s supported by an open
source community of robot developers that provides projects and templates and code every
day it s supported by the top universities in the world providing state of the art algorithms
but the problem is that this is for people that are quite expert about robotics and it
s very hard to bring ros into schools so what we did is a cloud robotics platform that makes
this skills creation easier and it works as a sort of toolbox so we have the open source
community that uploads and downloads continuously projects of robotics into the cloud yeah but
whats the difference between industrial robotics and service robotics?well industrial robotics
is a lot a lot easier because if we take the example as a robotic arm performing a pick
and place operation is doing this operation every day in the same way and the code never
changes is written only once if we take the example as the autonomous car well the autonomous
car has to drive into traffic and into traffic there are people that are driving and people
that are crossing the street and the code always is changing and change continuously
so service robotics is hard and it s a lot of customization that today can work thanks
to a cloud robotics platform so if you want to find out more about what i was saying visit
us at

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