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some of these are shown in this small example of an hl7 rim example as you can see each of these is further specified in great detail but finding the explanations can be tedious the fire fhir resources site is the best source of explanations I'm aware of but it is intentionally not complete to get a feel for this let's focus on the special arrangements code in the patient encounter box we see here that this is a leaf of the Act box meaning it's a particular example or instance I picked it because most of the detail names are self-evident so you can easily see the level of detail that is specified deset indicates this is a discrete set of possible values and in fact although they're not shown here these are wheel for wheelchair STR et4 stretcher int for interpreter ATT for attendant and do G for guide dog all examples of things that would be specially arranged for were a patient to arrive at a hospital here's another detailed example where SB a diem means substance administration and RQ o means request typically part of a medication order by a physician

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  1. Robert li said:

    Hi, could i know how to load hl7 into mysql?

    June 26, 2019

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