High Performance Software for Data Analytics

the wonderful thing about additive manufacturing is is it's extremely data rich technology and for most people there's so much data that it becomes overwhelming and you can't interpret that data so what we set out to do here at the MDF was to help create tools that actually help users understand that data use that data interpret that data and can convert then actual data in the certification qualification for an end use part we're working with additive manufacturing researchers taking their log files that are produced by the 3d printers that are developing these large objects and we're looking at the log data to try to help them understand what's going on the 3d printing process help them identify defects and understand why the object was a had the defect in the print process and we're using visualization tools to do that the visualization tools enabled the the researcher to visualize patterns and trends in the data that would be otherwise invisible and large tables or large log balls that they would look at I think everybody in additive knows that we can build almost any geometry now that isn't the hard part the hard part is taking that part and understanding how it's going to behave when you put it into service and so for us at the MDF we have come up with a lot of methods to do that well what we are trying to do is create the tools that help industry also do that well

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