High Performance Computing (HPC) with Amazon Web Services

from engineering and manufacturing firms to research laboratories and academic institutions organizations of all types have benefited from using Amazon Web Services to run high-performance computing workloads in the cloud you can create HPC clusters to run electronic design automation software to reduce the cost of creating new products perform drug analysis to make better medicine and run simulations to increase the speed of experimentation the Amazon Web Services cloud provides virtually unlimited compute and storage capacity on-demand auto scaling to provision just enough infrastructure as you need it specialized virtual machines with high performance processors and network features designed for high throughput low latency communications with Amazon Web Services you can use the HPC tools that you're already familiar with such as compilers schedulers and distributed network file systems in the cloud you can increase the pace of scientific and engineering research by removing the heavy lifting a building and tearing down HPC cluster configurations in between jobs you can automate cluster setups with ease by using AWS as API pre-configured AWS marketplace solution and AWS CloudFormation template so instead of adjusting your job to meet the capabilities of a cluster you can now create the cluster to meet the needs of your job Amazon Web Services allows you to crunch data quickly and securely Amazon Elastic Compute cloud instances have Intel Xeon processors with advanced technologies to accelerate floating point instruction execution encrypt data for enhanced security and boost a processor clock rate for peak loads additionally Amazon Web Services provides enhanced networking which increases the number of packets per second between servers and placement groups to ensure those servers are located as close together as possible lowering latency and jitter and providing full bisection ten gigabits per second bandwidth network enough to transfer over 4 terabytes of data between each node every hour Amazon Web Services allows you to get started at running HPC jobs at low cost without any upfront capital or long-term commitment and you only pay for what you use AWS has several purchasing options so you can match your HPC workload to your payment choices and optimize cost you can pay for what you use on-demand reserve discounted capacity and even bid on unused capacity at a fraction of the normal rate accelerate your research and innovation by going to aws.amazon.com slash HPC to find out more and get started today

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