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Salespeople are made. Sales the best profession in the world is built on a foundation of knowledge, skill, and discipline that once learned can be translated into the expert moves of sales. And once those expert moves are made into habits, these sellers become the most persuasive and powerful people, you know. Hello, my name is Craig Wortmann and I want you to be one of these salespeople. I’m a clinical professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the founder of the Kellogg Sales Institute. I’ve served as a CEO three times in my career, including as founder and current CEO of my sales consulting firm Sales Engine,, which is solely focused on creating high-performing sales engines within organizations. I’ve also had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading organizations helping them build their sales teams into high-performing sales cultures. I’ve been a Sales Professional for more than 25 years and received my early sales training while at IBM. I was the number-two performer in my year-long sales school class. You see we all have room for improvement as I have tried to improve this critical set of skills and disciplines myself. I’ve been fortunate to have the foundation of this course be ranked among the top 10 courses in the United States by Inc. Magazine. In this 10-week hard-hitting online program, I’m going to arm you with the knowledge, skill, and discipline; the expert moves that you need to outperform your sales goals and build and manage a powerful sales team. Selling is action, so we’re going to learn by doing. This is not an armchair sales course. For the past 10 years I’ve put thousands of sellers through the paces of acquiring the expert moves of sales and you and I will do that here. I want you to learn the right tools for the right moves in your sales process and put them into practice in real-time. Over the next 10 weeks, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the entire sales process from the preparation phase through the contact phase and finally how to scale your sales by building the right sales and management habits and putting processes in place to delight your clients. Your key takeaways are going to include these learning proven techniques for being an effective salesperson. Based on our research at the Kellogg Sales Institute and from our direct experience with some of the most successful companies in the world both B2B and B2C. Putting into practice more than 30 different tools, building a personal sales toolkit, designed to help you at each phase of your sales process, preparation, contact, and scale. An assessment of your current knowledge, skill, and discipline and a roadmap for how to develop meaningful lasting habits for you and your team. A few of the sales tools you will develop include a stakeholder map for targeting, a blueprint for making breakthrough introduction via email, a checklist for running the perfect sales meeting and objections matrix for how to handle any objection, a story matrix for telling the right story at the right time for the right reasons, tips for presenting with panache, a guide to getting deals unstuck and finally creating the client delight index, a measure of what matters most to your customers. How will we get you from here to there? It’s going to be interactive and I can guarantee that you will have some fun along the way with your selling peers from around the world. To create a powerful learning experience for you, here’s what we’ve included: Live webinars with me plus recorded fireside chats with a group of amazing sales thought leaders from around the globe. Interactive application exercises including a capstone project that will get you ready to teach others the expert moves of sales. Peer projects that allow you to practice these skills and disciplines and learn from each other. Stories and lessons from my work in consulting with sales teams at some of the world’s most successful companies as well as some of the fastest growing entrepreneurial companies. Moderated discussion boards from our dedicated course leaders and our fantastic program support team, so who is this program for? This program is designed for sales professionals who are individual members of a team and for those who manage a team or the sales function of a business. However, since we all need to sell ourselves and our ideas in one capacity or another, any professional who wants to become a more effective confident seller will benefit from these techniques. Some examples: Are you changing jobs and thus needing to stand out and breakthrough in interviews for your next role? Are you making a career shift into sales from another functional role? Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a sales team and acquire customers? Are you a business leader who would like to be more persuasive and influential? Or a sales manager or executive looking to better coach your team and thus build a powerful sales engine? I think all of you will find that this course is essential and will help you add powerful sales tools to your personal toolkit. My mission is to help you succeed and be the best version of yourself. As I always say, selling is a contact sport. Think of me as your sales coach for the next 10 weeks. Together, we will build your knowledge, skill, and discipline and you will walk away with the expert moves of sales. Thanks so much. I hope you’ll join us!

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