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Healthcare Informatics is a multidisciplinary study that uses healthcare information technology and the way it uses help at healthcare information technology or a chai tea as we call it in the healthcare field is to improve outcomes reduce costs improve quality and ultimately drive innovation into the healthcare industry as I'd like to think about it you know we've had data and we have even more data nowadays because of the Adsense of emrs EHRs everything else in between and we take that data derive information from it and make better decisions so as healthcare leaders as healthcare professionals we use healthcare informatics to make better decisions to improve the patient quality and ultimately drive improve patient patient outcomes we have a very unique advantage to be here in DC and that we can enable our students to be on the pulse when it comes to healthcare and how that's going to impact health care for the entire nation our faculty our location our students are all here and as part of your experience in this program you're going to be participating and and learning and providing input into the overall health care process within this country all through our GW program

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