Healthcare – Improve Care Experiences with Big Data, Predictive Analytics, & Risk Scoring

as I work with clients I'm often asked how can I reduce cost and improve efficiencies without impacting the quality of care for me it comes down to two things first leveraging cloud and consolidating or migrating legacy applications will help reduce the cost of your infrastructure and modernize at the same time I tell my clients this is table stakes it just has to be done whether you choose to migrate today or in two years you will ultimately end up moving into the cloud the longer you wait the more complex and costly the project will be second by leveraging your mountains of big data you will not only identify savings opportunities in quality and utilization you will also drive improvements in clinical and operational workflow the challenge foremost is how to get from information to insight to taking action at soft-serve we modify current systems and infrastructure to drive real portfolio games improved care and the significant increase in efficiencies we provide end-to-end support from system assessments to cloud transformations to data insights that optimize the user journey reduce costs personalized care and improve overall productivity what's next in your journey you

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