Health Informatics in the Cloud with Mark Braunstein

hi I'm mark Bronstein professor of the practice in the school of interactive computing here at Georgia Tech health IT in the cloud will explore contemporary health informatics in pretty much the same way I used in the course I teach here at Georgia Tech will begin with the unique structure and problems of the US healthcare system we will then link those problems to the potential of health IT and look at some of the technologies underlying contemporary health IT will do that in a non technical way so learners who who don't have a technical background shouldn't be afraid to take the course will then look at how these technologies are being applied in cutting-edge real-world products and services including some offered by commercial companies around the country in the end you as students should be able to make a connection all the way from the US healthcare system its problems to how modern contemporary cloud-based technologies are being used to solve those problems I look forward to meeting you all online

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  1. Carolina Guimarães said:

    Do I need to make medical school (or something) to understand this course??

    June 27, 2019

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