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welcome to our project on the essentials of healthcare informatics meaningful use meaningful use is a three staged federal Medicaid and Medicare incentive qualification program that is achieved by providers and hospitals through the integration of electronic health record or EHR technology the meaningful use EHR certification program was launched by the Office of the National Coordinator for health information technology in June 2010 the ONC certification program is created to test and certify providers and institutions on the integration of EHRs in order to assist them in achieving meaningful use objectives established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services the ONC certification program is linked to the 2009 health information technology for economic and clinical Health which gives the US department of human and health services the authority to establish programs to improve healthcare quality safety and efficiency through the promotion of health information technology there are three key components to defining Meaningful Use all of which emphasize the use of certified EHRs one being the use of certified EHRs in a meaningful manner another being the use of certified EHRs for electronic exchange of information to improve health outcomes and allows to use certified EHRs to submit track and improve quality measures the EHR Incentive programs are phased in three stages with increasing requirements stage 1 objectives consist of data capture and sharing stage 2 objectives will be met utilizing advanced clinical processes and stage 3 objectives are focused on improving outcomes the goals of we'll use include improving quality safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery as well as engaging patients and their families in health care by allowing access to a EHRs other goals include improving provider communication and care coordination and lastly one of their most pertinent and ethically driven goals is to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality which will be discussed in more detail later in this presentation the health information technology certification program provides two major benefits to providers and facilities adopting EHR technology one being assurance to purchasers and the other users we have a system that meets the technological capabilities functionality and security requirements adopted by the HHS ONC certification also gives providers and patients confidence that the health IT products and systems they use are secure and can work with other systems to share information which is also known as interoperability to give you an idea of how health information certification works we will briefly review the process of ONC certification first health information systems developers or vendors have their products tested after the product has been successfully tested it is then certified by ONC authorized body certified products are then submitted to the ONC and posted to the certified health IT you product list providers and hospitals use certified health IT in accordance with meaningful use and EHR Incentive programs as you can see the process of ONC EHR certification is very thorough this ensures of the integration of technological advancements in our rapidly developing health care system are carried but securely with healthcare improvements and patient security and confidentially in mind Meaningful Use and health care provides a way to better engage patients in their care by creating a patient-centered healthcare system patients have the ability to communicate effectively immediately with their provider and they become more involved in their care due to their healthcare information being more accessible Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record incentive programs provide incentive payments to eligible professionals eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals as they adopt implement upgrade or demonstrate meaningful use of EHRs II at this time eh our status midway through 2013 nearly two-thirds of hospitals have achieved stage 1 of the meaningful use project the remaining one-third of the hospitals are still working to achieve meaningful use stage 1 one key factor to success of the meaningful use project is that hospitals need to continue to expand how they use EHRs to improve patient care the future outlook is positive for Meaningful Use and the healthcare industry will continue to grow and patients will reap the benefits of improved outcomes future effects on our patients provide enhanced engagement collaboration with their providers and patients are experiencing positive changes in how they interact with the healthcare system future effects on our providers they are able to make informed decisions provide better care and create get greater efficiencies by enhancing collaboration we are able to prevent duplicate testing and eliminate adverse drug reactions the future impact of Meaningful Use will directly affect public health it will encourage the transmission of data to registries and public health agencies to inform healthcare policy decisions drive best practices and improve our nation's pub health incentives for adopting mean of meaningful use can have providers and institutions earning up to forty four thousand and Medicare incentive payments spread out over five years a maximum of sixty three thousand seven hundred fifty and Medicaid incentive payments for first participating years disincentives for not adopting meaningful use will result in a payment adjustment to Medicare reimbursement the payment reduction starts at 1% and increases 1% each year to a maximum of five percent there is no payment adjustment imposed of an eligible provider that qualifies for Medicaid and subsequently chooses not to adopt implement or upgrade EHR systems can decrease the fragmentation of care by improving care coordination it has the potential to integrate and organize patient health information and to facilitate instant distribution among all authorized providers involved in a patient's care despite considerable talk and interaction a number of misunderstandings are still prevalent about meaningful use common complaints complaints are not uncommon about lengthier processing times with new electronic health records there's also a widespread misconception that the meaningful use is only about Medicare patients while Medicare nation's private insurance patients HML patients cash paying patients are all part of the numerators and denominators for meaningful use the whole purpose of the EHR Incentive program is to encourage eligible professionals to use EHRs in their whole practice so this is false that it's only about Medicare patients CMS is funding the pipeline for meaningful use but the criteria apply to all patients in the practice regardless of payer in terms of privacy implications delays in the adoption of new technologies to navigate the transition from paper-based electronic records there's a larger database increasing and kalisch clinicians reliability and accountability for protected health care information increases by preserving patient confidentiality we ensure data security so we as institutions and healthcare providers should deal severely with breaches to protect patients there are security rules safeguards to prevent cyber attack intrusions and data loss and we are enforcing safeguards to protect the people information technology and facilities ethical implications are the clinicians responsibility to prevent and inform patients of the potential for privacy breaches liability and accountability and third-party vendors as well as HIPAA privacy patients have a right to benefit from the needs of optimal health outcomes and patients can request copies of and access their private health information and paper electronic or electronic format patients can request Corrections and amendments to their personal health records by fostering patient participation we are able to ensure high quality care create avenues for communication with their patients and standalone pa hrs tethered or connected PA jars Meaningful Use is able to foster patience convenience it eliminates form duplication it's a reliable point of care information source we are able to send you purchases prescriptions to pharmacies patient portals have provider interaction and there are electronic referrals there's also improved child care quality and convenes for providers providers have quick acid access to patient care records they're able to have enhanced decision support performance improving tools legible and complete documentation and safer more reliable prescribing occurs as a result electronic health records support provider decision-making we are able to have our physicians improve aggravation analysis and communication of patient information clinical alerts and reminders help our clinicians to remember facts they may forget and we are able to integrate and organize patient health information all in one place healthcare personnel views users are well informed and engaged in the implementation of all of these changes the EHR will dramatically change how the organization functions and to derive the full benefits of EHR the organization needs to be ready for these changes a thorough and honest assessment of the readiness should take place before you choose an EHR EHR allows patient health information to become accessible in one place when and where it is needed the structured data entry has its disadvantages it's slower and can cause a mission of critical data EHR adoption requires investment of time and money but the benefits often outweigh the cost and financial incentives are available to help providers make the transition in conclusion meaningful uses impact on patient care has led to the creation of a patient-centered healthcare system by 2016 the inflammation of stage 3 will occur and improved outcomes being new beneficial changes for our healthcare system as a whole our role will be integral in helping sustain these outcomes in our patients and continuing to advocate for our patients quality of care you can refer to our references for more information if you'd like to find out more changes and development on Meaningful Use

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