Happy Holidays from Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics!

2018 was an extraordinary year for the students, faculty, and professional staff here at the College of Computing & Informatics, and in the midst of this holiday season filled with celebration and reflection, we are thrilled to share what's ahead in 2019. We will continue to grow our Corporate Partners Program and collaborate with our expanding industry network to build a sustainable talent pipeline for Philadelphia and beyond. Our Women in Computing Initiative which launched last year has already resulted in an expanded class of freshmen women students. In the coming year, we will continue to build towards our goal to increase the number of women pursuing undergraduate education in CCI by 50% in five years through strategic recruitment initiatives, events designed to introduce young girls to technology careers, and scholarships for women. We eagerly anticipate moving into our new home at 3675 Market, University City's new nexus for innovation and technology, where for the first time all CCI faculty, students, and professional staff will be housed under one roof. And most of all we look forward to creating more memories with our students and our supportive community of professional staff, faculty, alumni, donors, and friends. Happy holidays from all of us at CCI!

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