Hannah Golding – mechatronics engineer at Rio Tinto

my name is Hannah Goulding and I'm a mechatronics engineer working for Rio Tinto in my current role I'm working with technology and innovation where we're all about delivering innovative project solutions into those mindsets mechatronics is just a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering we take the same subjects as mechanical engineers and the electrical engineers usually I just tell my friends I play with robots my dad's a lecturer in engineering so he would guide me in my career choices he said to me that maths and physics would give me a good foundation into my career I found that with Rio Tinto some of the great things about this job I have a good salary I'm working in per city I have free public transport card to go to where I have my phone paid for it's not all about work I've also been able to make some great friends in the work environment I've been given real support the team I'm working with are working with real technical challenges and I love a challenge I've always enjoyed puzzles as a girl I played with jigsaw puzzles and I loved the idea of taking difficult concepts and trying to figure out a solution I can do the Rubik's Cube in three to five minutes if there's a puzzle I have to do it something people don't realize is that maths and science is all around us from buildings to aeroplanes maths and science is everywhere in engineering there aren't enough women role models Rio Tinto has given me the opportunity to mentor other women through the girls and engineering program I feel I can make a difference to young girls lives I'm telling girls that maths and science can lead to a great career opportunities by choosing the subjects you love you'll always go on the right path in my future I want to try working in a different country I've traveled to other countries but I think working in other countries would give me a different experience if you work hard at maths and science you can do well and you will get there and you can go far do what you love and you'll be laughing you

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