Groundbreakers Tour Japan: IOT & Data Challenges

[Applause] so one of the big difference is we've done in the tour this year is IOT integration with motorcycles we're using sensors on the motorcycle where we're capturing the speed the humidity the location of the motorcycles we're transmitting this Authority allows using Oracle kubernetes engine autonomous database and other technologies although one thing we've realized is there's a lot of big challenges to having reliable data transmission when you're in a rural area like Japan so for example when we're going through tunnels or we're going through small towns or the mountains we often lose connectivity with the Oracle network so we've come up with systems where we can batch process and transmit information after we get good connectivity we've done debugging of the firmware that's on the IOT bikes so that when it loses connectivity will write reliably reconnect to the Oracle cloud and then transmit data and we've also been working on the back-end systems to make sure they're resilient and fault tolerant so that when the bikes lose connectivity when there's lapses in data stream they still continue to show a view to people who are following the tour so they can understand where we are and the last location and where folks currently are a lot of this has to do with us leveraging Oracle technologies on top of a tour we were able to visit and help the Japanese Java community

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