Graham Hancock: Psychedelics, Technology and the Human Spirit

We pride ourselves on the achievements
of our society “Look we’ve sent men to the moon we have satellites going around
the planet we have all these amazing cars and airplanes…” and we feel that
that’s what civilization is we feel that that’s what it’s all about
we’ve been we’ve been taught to believe that but our society is failing us
utterly in the sense that it does not nurture the human spirit that it rather
crushes and diminishes the human spirit actually seeks to persuade
us that there is no such thing as the spirit that we are just these physical
material creatures and that we are only here to do physical and material things What a lie that is! What a falsehood that is! What a delusion that is and how
grateful we should be to the psychedelics for allowing us to break
that delusion and see the reality that lies beyond it our true birthright


  1. Ethan Johnson said:


    September 12, 2019
  2. John Harper said:

    One week to go!

    September 12, 2019

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