GIT335 Final Presentation – Cloud Computing

hello my name is Jonathan new class I am an informatics student ASU and this is my presentation the cloud computing technologies so a good definition for cloud computing would be a network of remote servers that is hosted on the Internet this used to store manage and process data over using a personal computer or a local server or servers so there are multiple types of cloud computing models but before I decided to include or infrastructure as a service platform as a service and software as a service and storage I picked these four as I product these were the most common most familiar and where people would recognize these type of cloud computing models so the first two are more developer and big tech companies and a lot of that usage while the other two are more consumer user and experiences that go ahead and go into expanding so infrastructure as a service this would be the basic building blocks for the technology stack this included things like network features computers in the terms of virtual machines or actual machines data storage management of those solutions and the reason for this model would be to allow for the highest flexibility and management over that technology stack and from there we then move to I would say a good competitor but the platform is a service so this is typically a managed infrastructure solution which allows for the user but company development team to focus on software software is big for the platform as a service as this is typically a great tool for just being able to easily develop deploy and manage software so any version histories area any deployments it's also typically assigned a pretty sweet user interface that makes softer development more easy and I have had experience with both of these models made a node.js app on both and I think they're both good to us so moving forward their software as a service I really get buzzword going on nowadays but this is typically a complete final software product that is managed by a service provider where there is very minimal infrastructure or maintenance that is seen on the users and so products like the Adobe Creative Cloud it's a great example of this where when you sign up for a Adobe Creative Cloud you're not really making a giant technology software solution it's more for its commercial user and/or it's like you need Photoshop you need Lightroom you need your Premiere Pro your Adobe fonts and you go out you create graphics you make amazing YouTube videos and you need the tools that Dobie developed so you need their software and that's souther service goes and then storage started just pretty simple your file storage a Google drive's your iCloud your one drives any way to store a spreadsheet and weird document slides pictures videos this is definitely the one that I think most people have used as you see it at work see it in school okay maybe if you just need personal finance storage you know that type of stuff so moving along there's many benefits to using cloud technologies here I've highlighted what I believe are some of the best improvements that cloud gives you so there's a reduced costs if you're a big company no need for a large data center as the cloud can handle a lot of data it's most companies are now moving away from their legacy data centers to cloud solutions the cloud is very fast there's a lot of virtual machines that you can get with amazing processors tena memory and making projects very very quickly collaboration this is probably one of the exciting tools as products like the Google Apps Google Drive although that allows for real-time collaboration great for project management making document and all that stuff flexibility again we went in with a lot of the infrastructure of the service flexibility that that provides you scalability being able to have your application go into a larger scope and then accessibility being able to access your files from your local computer at the library and your cell phone any device that can be it was access to Internet you have access to the cloud so what industries technology projects utilize the cloud web development I've had a ton of experience with the cloud in web development projects there's specific product tours like App Engine and ec2 for like AWS and Google that offer really really easy what development solutions cloud is ideal for AI and machine learning as it handles the large data to train your models to train them at a faster speed than your personal computer could and very very great for the machine learning industry again database storage being able to start start files data sequel all of that stuff even have sequel databases anything like that testing and development again with the software stack being able to test your algorithms develop software products blockchain has done can be done at least with the cloud computing model I do automation in the cloud the internet-of-things companies like Amazon and Google they offer specific services for IOT devices which I think it's very very interesting on something I want to get into big data analytics so along with being able to store a big data can then go ahead and do analytics reporting in the cloud the next two micro services that API is not similar but they go one-on-one so I developed Baker services and a lot of that type of software about using API calls and and technologies that I want to get more familiar with would be containers and kubernetes kubernetes Google made product it's great a lot of exciting new technology that you know it's great to learn and my personal experience with that cloud technologies has previously stated I have lived of an experience for my personal time I've developed a chat room app for school where I needed to spin up a CC – instance set up the virtual machines to bunty virtual machine and intro of the networking opening up supports the firewall settings and utilizing MongoDB to handle all of the firewalls and the no sequel documents that occur and spinning up a node server running a full staff web application and then my personal website nothing too fancy but I did use a Google App Engine it's a really really easy way to you know have new versions to my website apply new code very very easy to spin up a server add you HTML your CSS your JavaScript and just be able to deploy it very fast registered domain name a super simple process definitely enjoy the platform is the surface model as you know for a very very low-tech thing as like a personal website just very easy to focus on the software well then in previous jobs have used Google bigquery this was something that bigquery was actually my first big introduction that led me to wanting to learn more about Google Cloud and AWS as like at my previous job there's a lot of data migration efforts to build new solutions for the customer that we were working with one day we had Google Cloud training as we wanted to use bigquery and that was the thing that got me into the cloud in terms of like wanting to do that stuff professionally and then currently I use cloud computing technology services to build automation software I do a ton of API calls and I also used the cloud Enterprise version of spunk for data collection analytics and visualization as Splunk is an amazing tool that gathers a ton of machine data and a bunch of cool things that you do with that so that concludes my presentation on the cloud computing technologies and I want to say thank you for watching my presentation

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