Girls in Engineering 2016

I always thought that engineering was
just like building stuff, but now I see that there’s like chemical engineers, civil engineers I really thought engineering was kind of
boring, because I thought all you did was build stuff and that there was like nothing
really important. But now after this I see how important it is right now, that it helps our environment and it helps people around us Like I just thought math was equations, but like I never knew where the equations went, like, why do I need to find x? So we’re doing Girls in Engineering to introduce girls to engineering and show them all the different, fun things that they could do as an engineer and also show that how so many of their interests could be related to engineering. It’s really a week to introduce these middle school girls to how fun and exciting engineering and inventing and the design process is. Middle school is like the perfect age to target for these kinds of programs, simply because they’re kind of at an age where they’re trying to figure out what they want to do, they’re kind of starting to figure themselves out at this age, so for us it’s really interesting and it’s really exciting to see them kind of discover who they are and discover what they like Women problem-solve differently, we may have different skill sets, but I think diversity in general is good for a team to solve a problem. Bringing in different ideas, different possibilities, gives you a much more creative solution, than if everyone comes in with the same mindset. I think it’s important for engineering to
be a cross-section of the way that the world exists now, in terms of gender and race and class, because engineering hopes to provide solutions that are beneficial to, not just those who are already represented in these professions, but everyone on the planet potentially I think engineering is a career that helps people realize their potential in creativity, in inventiveness, in working with others and it’s very rewarding We like to challenge the girls. All the activities and everything I think are a high level and we expect a lot from them, but they seem to be willing to
keep up 100 percent, I mean like they want to work, and they want to learn this stuff,
which is really cool. It’s been a really interesting experience, to remember that middle school excitement over everything, that I think can kind of be lost in high school, and like it’s been really cool to see how excited they get over everything, and know that I used to get that excited and
like sort of recapture that energy about everything, like regardless of how big or
small it is I think the goal of this camp is to just open their minds to the possibility of engineering in their future and kind of just increase like
their appreciation of the things that like engineers have done for this world
and like things they’ve built and things that maybe they take for granted and they didn’t think about I think it’s really meaningful, because you don’t really see many girls who are into math and science and to have so many girls
who are really excited about it and really excited to learn about these
things it’s been really cool for me to see I’ve had a lot of fun because I got
to meet new people and do a lot of fun projects. The team project we’re doing is
so cool and I never thought I could like help invent something so awesome It’s been like a really good experience and I wish I could stay longer because this is like, this is like, a million times better than school This program was like one of the best programs I’ve ever done, it’s like a no-judge zone, like you can mess up, because it’s engineering, you need to retry things It’s been really fun — like, it’s probably like the best part of my summer so far I think it’s life-changing, like I learned things I probably would never forget This has been an awesome week. I want to be an engineer when I grow up and make the world a better place. Girls in Engineering!

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