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well thank you very for inviting me it was a great pleasure because when Paulo asked me to come and talk I always ask myself what can I talk about and most of all how can I talk about technology I don't know link about technology yeah I know about music yes this i know about so I wonder how many of you can you switch please bingo how many of you didn't know this man one two three four maybe you recognize this man and this is why I decided I wanted to talk to you about the musical Claude Debussy one of the most important musicians of last century and I did it because being the president of the Italian Association of security they keep on asking why don't you talk about security and cloud computing and said it's impossible it's simply possible there is no security but how can I explain that cloud computing is so different yesterday we thanks to today we had a glimpse on how we have to change a mindset and so I decided to exchange with you my reflections and talk to you about the music of pro WC with Dimitri actually this is not the Beatles ok this is Debussy I ok as we know from yesterday in order to interact with the world around us we need patterns of interpretation and we create expectation we expect okay I put a computer and thing works is that correct maybe yes and after all we build in our mind her article mental patterns what come first or come next the boss is more important all sort of thing that helped us to live and it takes a big huge effort to change those patterns add the museum of art of rovereto that was the same in Italian that that translates more relaxed like this the simple things you see remember are all very complicated and so we have to face a world low complexity and how can we do it I think we music music helped us a lot to understand that we are able to face with complexity because when we listen to music we do something our brain does magic things I need nimby tree to help me now to explain you what is a musical scale do you know what the musical scale is well let's take the one all of you know Laura me phase velocity OCD again you can sing it slowly da da da da da da numba glorious finer anything that the notes are 77 notes the seven stars it actually not how many are the notes notes are 12 try oh the diatonic so there are different notes and different intervals between a note and another okay so we have a one-tonne when you do a tone or a halftone okay why this is so important because this hides a structure it makes us understand that there is the tone interval that it's bold and strong and half tone that smile so thank to the halftone we can have major and minor can you do a C major and see my do a C minor just one no change completely different mood happiness C major sadness see Tom Don Dada da-da-da-da-da-da okay one note one no change one actually not one note one interval a tiny little interval change and everything changes this is just in our western music Indians have our undred an eight intervals okay but this is it so when when we see something like this it's not just a map of a network we thought it was a map of a network actually is a hierarchical structure that we are presenting to people mainframe adore was bigger PC were always smaller mainframe are always on the top of the slide and the PC were down below and depending who's the vendor concentrator or Reuters are much bigger than they are in reality what is the consequence there is a big consequence between charities and scales it's called tension and release so do me a seventh and you are glorious so if you do a seventh there is an expectation that something happened even if you're not a musician you know this look at it you know can you do it here please that you can't resist you know it's in your body it's in your DNA I mean you can't do just tan da da da da even if you're not a cartoon I mean why this because music generates expectations and tension and then finally a release if you listen to shop in Japan is magic just one descending scale in the a minor and it's just one descending scale until you get to the final e and you really feel like ha um huh ok you really were breaking my heart so this is the consequence of structures and hierarchical models but why musicians are so special like Dimitri you think is a normal human being no he is a musician they are special because because there is not just one scale there are many scales and not just one key there are many keys do you know that a piano player can I show you just one second you you can go ahead and play I use okay every musician reads two rows at the same time can you read a book with two line at the same time how does your brain made of difficult but not only he reads two different keys at the same time so the same black dot on the top part of the score has a meaning and the same dot on the lower part of the store has a different meaning so his brain is switching can you do you have a microphone you could hear the click technically very very fast Oh changing continuously the parameters the patterns of understanding and say okay that stuff but do you know that an orchestra conductor has 17 scores in front of him and he reads the 17th or simultaneously because there are many keys and in every kid the sea note is a different lines depending on the key so you say our brain is capable of doing marvelous things he can adapt to situation changes the pattern of interpretation on the fly except when they apply to computers information technology you start thinking tcp/ip and the world disappear you start thinking linux okay then your brain is screwed up okay you don't you're not able to change it okay is kind of locked in one position so this is why I think that something marvelous happened in music and when we look at a school like this this is one of the most touching and beautiful music is the arabesque number one there is a key change and it's like if in even in an installation in a corporation we install a windows system but then on the fly we switch to a Mac system and we integrate the two and then we talk about Facebook and then we change your mind because when you talk about Facebook is not just the technologies a mindset that has to change and then you realize that Twitter is something completely completely different when you listen to Debussy music this is what happened in your brain it happens that he changes your path and it takes and shakes your moves you from a point to another remember that when we talk about fixed mobile communication iOS Android pose affect open source copyright all those buzzwords are not just words our pattern our schemes are locks into we set a brain and sometimes we put our brain into jail unless we break it like in 1800 music there was the former Sonata so cold that was you you wanted to compose something you have to have a prelude then you have to have the exposition of the theme and then a second exposition and then your recapitulate on which means I go back just in case you don't understand the wink of what I paid okay and then the finale and they structured and they say are you a musician you should play this way this was the scenario in which our friend Claude came in to come into play he's just at the end of nineteen hundred and he decided that it didn't work like that he wanted to change the world he wanted to change the way of using music to make you feel things and so what he did he said ah like the painters of the Impressionism did with paint and they decided that I want to transfer the emotion of of looking up at a sunrise the same dwc but how can you do this with a diatonic scale if you do it with a dia tonics kill you raise expectation you you kind of moved the brain to something that has to happen instead of having the brain watching what's going on it's a complete different approach so he had to change and not only he changed because he did this kind of music but also because he did something completely different he did something that all the jazz musician studied because he said well actually we can also change the structure and the rhythm and he did different this piece comes from the Children's Corner a book of music p road for his own daughter and he put all the discoveries of his music into this kind of music that that sounded strange remember the test didn't exist yet read at the end at the beginning of 1900 ok and then he attended the the exhibition in paris and he first heard the music from bali from Indonesia and the gamelan music and he was kind of shocked alla prossima something magic he understood that it was not only western music that was an entire planet of music and he was stunned because the gamelan are just big metal pots you know that are played and the sound is so weird and so different and he said I have to do it that's marvelous how can I put this into the T atomic scale does work because in Bali they don't know what at the atomic scale is and so this is strange is strange well actually is strange if you use the diatonic scale but everything becomes clear if we change the scale simple we change the pattern of interpretation and what's mysterious becomes clear Dmitri let's do a hexitonic scale you you see you are just eating the interval of one tone so can you follow me touch screen what is the implication first of all that are just to exit on exhale one that starts from the white can we Dmitri do the second scale so two skills no more than two but with this to you build a magic world of music completely different why because he destroys the hierarchy there is no longer you cannot do a seventh you cannot do that I Dada it doesn't work every note in the scale has an interval of on tone from the other end to the next so every note is in tone there is no out of town thus entered the tone Alec center of the 300 before disappears and this is why when we listen to Debussy we understand why he just wanted to have us concentrate not in the structure not in the exposition not in the prelude not in the recapitulation not in the finale but jesting sound and it's so beautiful and it's a complete different emotional world so what is important is emotion and I remind you that emotion means relationship emotion means I interact with my environment I interact with the people around me I interact now with what's around me exactly when we talk about 12 computing and we say what's important not the computer not destruction at the mainframe but the application what am I fo what am i doing and so the concept of dissonance disappears sounds familiar okay so when we're talking about clouds and we ask security in the clouds where privacy what is the value you know the proper intellectual property costs all those phrases change completely different have a completely different pattern in the brain that is required in order to understand otherwise we are really trying to play WC music with the attorneys here so when we face such a thing we have to change but to change pattern is necessary on one side but it's painful and there it is a little trick here this photo was taken in France I took it in French and you understand the little trick we have to like we need bread to change the pattern to interpret the reality so the pen in French can be harmful and sad in English if we use the right pattern everything works so we have to enter into this attitude that music forces us to get into and forces us to take the time you cannot play this kind of music in a rush you cannot rush time is inherently encoded in music so we have to take the time to switch the mental pattern that we have in mind and music help us to do this with the right timing sometime they ask me ok why don't you read the manual I have the manual the cloud manual you know it's easy hey you buy what amazon drop box manual everything is there because they say the eternal tao cannot be said you cannot talk about the time it's more it's holistic is bigger so it cannot be contained in a book it cannot be contained in a rational experience I'm having a hard time to explain with words so i could let dmitri play and probably you would understand more about what I'm talking about rather than explaining trying to become more and more detail the more and more precise you know I'm pointing the moon and you looking at my fingers and my nails actually sometimes the answer you're looking for come from an unexpected places I've been in Egypt for holidays with marina with my wife and you look at pyramids and he look at the grandiose or if you simply go to God a lake and you go and visit the catalyst Villa so great two thousand years ago there was a man who imagined that they could build something on a peninsula overlooking the Mount baldo in the front and they built a window just face in the mounting why because they did he beauty they need he beauty to enrich themselves and sometime the answer for us as techies as technological experts as certified information technology engineer maybe can be in a score maybe the music's for that that we have to start not just reading a feeling and understanding sometimes the answer yes comes from from an expected place but the answer is there so did I give you a clue thank you you that's it let me thank you one group of people because when we power when we decided to do this presentation we knew that there was a group of people that we say it's wrong is not called is cloud yes thank you Go Go Go Go Go Hulu and today think a moment they were part of the experiment they were not done they were not idiots there were just the normal people who is not able to switch their mental pattern from one situation to another you look okay they're talking about computer the internet there is the word computing so Claude must be wrong hey thank you thank you very much

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