Generac iQ: The Quietest Generator EVER!!

everyone it's James from the fit RV and I'm here showing you new products at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer show now I'm here with Nick from Generac and hot on the heels of my generator test we've got an entrant here that would have blown away the field had it been in it it's a Generac IQ series now it's actually running right now and I've been measuring the decibels of what I extremely quiet so Nick what can you tell us about this the quietest generator on the market widest inverter on the market right now launched this next month but it's not we didn't stop just at the quietness of it we also wanted to provide the user with more feedback so we have on it is the fuel meter right here and this is showing you how much fuel you have left in your gas tank and we have a wattage meter here and we have the total runtime meter and what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a load on this of a 50% load to simulate what that wattage meter until the runtime meter will do okay let me do that 50 percent load on this and if you watch here it's going to start adjusting so we have a load bank back here you see the wise meter going up to 50% Tanya that's how much you're drawing and now you have a total runtime meter so based upon that amount of fuel and that mouth wad is being pulled we have two hours and 42 minutes left of whatever activity you're going to do Wow so I notice you've got a standard mode and an economy we're running an economy mode right now right so what does standard mode going to do to the to the noise level winter mode we'll put it on there right now for you Justin take it up a little bit depending on what you're running you might want to run it on standard you based upon where you have plugged into it also his products made in Jefferson assembled in Jefferson was calm and for two years extremely proud of this we've been doing 56 years new project for us and we're extremely happy with it well it's pretty darn quiet almost get back to economy mode ok so now we've got it right here next to a Honda we've been testing the Honda as well the Honda is noticeably louder than the Generac ok just to show you that we're not making stuff up we've turned off all the generators and the ambient noise level is about 60 decibels now we're going to turn on everyone's favorite the old standby Honda we'll see how loud that is all right hit it this is quite a bit better than the generators we did in our generator test here is like a foot and a half two feet I'm getting about 80 now we're going to load up behind it with like a we'll see what that does to the noise it's made a little different but not much I've got 82 decibels here at 2 feet on the Honda with all right let's kill that let's start up the Generac all right so it's sort of leveled out now and here to put and a half two feet of getting 75 decimals from the Generac that's was no load so let's go ahead and add some load to it and I'm getting about 78 79 decibels with half load that's quieter than the Honda was no load at all so we're really not making this up check the results so a couple quick follow-up question when can we get one of these next month this will be available next month and we're timber where we're looking at different retailers right now talked a lot of different people online channels and be a lot of distributors with this okay and I guess the next question is winning are you are you working on something where you could mount it up underneath a Motorhome because that's what a lot of our readers are going to be a certain way right now we don't have any mounts in the future we are building some other inverters and that will be on the specs to have a mounting plate or something like that – okay larger ones – than RV okay and so we've just got 120 volt plugs here do you have do you have a locking 30 amp plug for like if you're two parallel these to our paralleling kit provides you a twist lock flow so then we could just set the generator off somewhere and hook it up to our RV absolutely okay that's it from the Outdoor Retailer show this is James with Nick from Generac see you later you

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