Gala 2019 Honorees: Noble C. “Bud” Quandel – INNOVATION

Noble, or as most people know him, Bud
Quandel has spent a career as a forward-thinking builder. His
great grandfather founded a small building materials firm in Minersville
in 1882. Today, Quandel operates from sprawling headquarters in Harrisburg and
its name is ubiquitous at building sites throughout the mid-atlantic, including
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s Medical Sciences Building. Bud attributes Quandel’s success to its remarkable
ability to innovate. From producing quicklime for local building projects,
Quandel branched out into producing concrete and eventually providing its
own construction services. Now, as Mr. Quandel prepares to hand the reins to a
fifth generation, he says innovation is virtually
synonymous with evolution. “If you trace the history of innovation at our company,”
he said, “You’ll see that it’s not necessarily the strongest that survived,
it’s those most able to adapt.” In Minersville is where it all started, and
that’s where this all began. From the standpoint of the history of our company,
we’ve had to innovate throughout the years. In northeastern Pennsylvania and
central Pennsylvania, pretty much anywhere in Pennsylvania, there’s not a
medical school that’s built frequently. And when we broke it down, all the
components of the building, we had tremendous experience in education
and in healthcare and other facets of it, so it was rather unique. We
were extremely pleased when we were awarded the Geisinger Commonwealth
School of Medicine. I happen to think it’s one of the key innovative visions
for northeastern Pennsylvania. Geisinger Commonwealth is training
medical students from this area and for this area. It provides a service for
the community areas that’s just unparalleled anywhere.
We currently do between three and four hundred million dollars a year in
revenue and we have about 350 full-time employees. I have an article over there on
my grandfather and one of the things it said about him was that he did business
in an upright manner. And that is, that’s extremely important to us and the
principles we work by here. So while we realize that the need to be innovative
is important, to operate by principles that are traditional, giving back to your
community but always striving for perfection and innovating at the same
time – that’s what kind of a culture we’ve attempted to establish here, and I think
we’ve been successful.

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