Future Technology Concept – Personal Transportation (Bikes, Skateboard and More)

generation of motorcycles will look like well your wait is over get ready to be blasted headfirst straight into the future with the Lotus co1 manufactured by co2 under the brand license from the Lotus Group the co one officially lotuses first-ever motorcycle combined state-of-the-art racing technology with an amazing futuristic look and it's no wonder designed by Daniel Simon's best known for his work on Tron Legacy light cycles and the bubble copter in the 2013 movie oblivion the co 1 looks as if it comes straight out of a science fiction movie the engine which is artistically shrink-wrapped with carbon fiber and aluminum a look inspired by the legendary Lotus 49 Formula One car of the 1960 helps make the co one one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made but the co 1 is definitely not just a pretty face weighing in at 400 pounds it's 200 horsepower four-stroke 2 cylinder v-twin engine on a steel titanium carbon fiber chassis makes it a high-performance Superbike and a monster of tarmac burning speed don't expect to run out tomorrow and find a co one just anywhere coming in in a hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars only 100 of these have been produced and all 100 have been sold awesome while doing it well the Bell has been answered with the futuristically styled Jo Homer J 1 so the J ones design isn't quite that of a Star Wars Imperial speeder bike it's not much of a stretch to imagine one of these swooping across the desert on an alien planet somewhere in the Empire now range has been a drawback for electric cycles but the j1 allows for travel up to 200 kilometres or 125 miles enough to get you there and back again with charge times between two and a half and three and a half hours you'll be ready to hit the road in no time at all topping out at 75 miles an hour the j1 has sufficient speed to get you wherever you want to be the high position grid view mirrors support the latest in futuristic technology each mirror comes with an embedded 2.4 inch color LCD screen that displays speed charge level odometer and more not to mention the Z bars that give the j1 that stunning chopper look starting around $25,000 only one of these dream cycles is a bit price but if you're looking for something futuristic in a motorcycle the Joe Hammer j1 is sure to turn some heads in your direction the makers of the Bandit 9l cons nothing better demonstrates this then the L concept motorcycle nicely priced around $8,000 only nine of these models will be made based on the Honda Super Sport 125 the L concepts high-grade silver and steel unibody radiates toughness and simplicity with a beautifully made skin leather seat providing a nice contrast a 21st century touch is added to the legendary profile with a jet engine style custom engine cover and the customization doesn't stop there the LS handlebars brake lights and turn signals are all custom each contributing to the L concepts identity all banded nine motorcycles are evolutions of earlier models with each new version paying respect to its predecessors while adding its own personality and distinctiveness the makers of the L concept believe it to be nothing less than a finely crafted work of art and we definitely agree meet the Japanese made zq it's cyborg like profile alien shaped windshield and carbon fiber fenders gives it an aggressive look that might just scare away the competition its advanced electric motor makes it able to accelerate from zero to 60 in three seconds with a top speed of 100 miles an hour the Z Q doesn't just look mean it can back it up despite its appearance special attention has been given to the engineering creating a comfortable ride with an incredible handling capability a retractable plug is included for charging its lithium ion battery assembly with an eight hour charge providing a range of about 100 miles each z2 is priced at around 72 thousand dollars they're hand made for each individual customer and only 49 will be produced with its quality craftsmanship high performance standards as well as its detailed color schemes and monster-like appearance the Z Q definitely earns top points on the awesome list for electric motorcycles have you ever imagined riding a tree not real right well you'd be wrong Parker Brothers choppers has created a full-size street-legal electric Tron light-cycle that lives up to all your wild of sci-fi fantasies they call it the neutron with light strips on the body and wheels it looks just like the movie version it's hubless wheels custom tires and futuristic reshape body make the neutron one of the most stunning motorcycles ever made and after a 35 minute charge you can ride this fantasy at night with the lights on and below the minds of everyone you streetpassed for a hundred miles you'll also be assured of 120 miles of daytime riding day or night you'll be dropping jaws at speeds up to 100 miles per hour $55,000 is what it will take to transform your fantasy into reality and put you in the seat of the real Tron light-cycle finally you're off the grid and into reality sunny quiz for anyone wishing to travel in style who loves to enjoy his commute whilst respecting the environment the sonic list is an affordable and smart a vehicle that combines the convenience of a car with the legendary economical and green motion of a bicycle unlike other energy consuming vehicles our solution can carry you your family and friends pleasantly around on your daily commuting needs without plugging in while producing totally green energy consumers have no solution for transport without polluting the environment and spending increasingly more money conventional and especially electric cars are committed to infrastructure urban mobility causes social effects Sonique with addresses the technical socio-economic and behavioral problem by introducing a new mobility concept it is an unconventional vehicle that eludes automotive stereotypes to offer a real solution for sustainable mobility more than two tons green gas emissions reduction per year 2500 euros savings per year up to 73 kilometers a day and three passenger portable pedals enjoy a perpetual autonomous and free vehicle unlike other vehicles that are parked passively 90 percent of the time the Sun equalist exploits this time of immobility recharge the batteries feel free to move far and away from the infrastructure the driving range exceeds the battery capacity 70 kilometers by solar in tandem with another 70 stored in the battery plus 50 kilometers via pedaling provide a total driving range of up to 190 voltage more than just an electric board is the most portable vehicle out there it's an amazing meal for powerful lightweight easy to use as Marc all collective save time on your daily commute and three more for your favorite activities it has a top speed of 21 km/h in just as fast as a bicycle need for the short daily commute in the city with is the smallest electric skateboard in the world it will contact a contact with a lot of villages however it is indeed a contact list performed for each other in a health emotionally tied now let's emphasize with an all-new open public transport out and slow and most entire long waiting time the National Transportation for switch problem which is not inside and your electrical getting more and more for less educated look of them and not contact higher learning curve and close the whole mountainside unstable in the Canada ice which combines disability is whole fantasy riding with no learning curve you people compete for bigger and faster cars environments for the future generation the motorcycles are expensive because we have gas insurance parking mechanics you probably have in the same amount of money and looks tuned in your bike itself the electric bikes can be efficient with their way to have inexpensive it all must be anything it goes 18 kilometers an hour it has hi students miss mango was the design and construct high-efficiency electrical vehicles our team has continuously participated in numerous international fuel efficiency vehicles the journey had Indonesia we began with extremely limited resource and funds but with hard work dedication and enthusiasm to apply innovative ideas method we managed to overcome so far these difficulties

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