Future of innovation – a travel in time: Impulses for innovation in the year 2030

The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation
Research consists of those institutes of the Fraunhofer Society that work in the
topic of innovation. In seven institutes over 1,400 employees work on the
analysis and the design of innovation systems. In recent times we’ve worked a lot
on the future of innovation. And in this context we have designed an early prototype to take you on the journey into the future to have a look how innovation might
look like in the future and how you can successfully design
your innovation system. Oh, we got another T-Shirt for the 80th
anniversary of Fraunhofer. Concerning the future of innovation: In 2030 innovation will take place to a larger part outside
of research and development departments. Openness, the ability to learn, and cooperation are
the guiding principles for innovation and Maker Spaces, for example, enable the involvement of a larger number
of different stakeholders in the innovation process. In the future integrated solutions will be in
the center of innovation activities. Individual usefulness is the central point of orientation and it is not about the development
of products or services, but it’s about the development of integrated solutions
and business models in partner networks. In 2030 innovation processes are fully digitized. User data is automatically reintegrated
into product development. Digital twins enable the simulation of solutions and artificial intelligence is even able to
develop incremental innovations, leaving space for humans to concentrate on disruptive
and radical innovations in the process. In the future knowledge will be open to all. The challenge is to apply it profitably. To have knowledge is not any more the key
differentiation factor for successful innovators. Open Access and Open Science
are the order of the day. In the year 2030 Europe will enjoy unique
global competitive advantages in terms of data security and sovereignty. This is due to both its cultural diversity
and its shared values and has a positive effect on digital value creation. Okay, my journey into the future is over and we’ll see
each other back in the past. Back from the future. Our prototype seems to work. If you are interested in our theses on the
future of innovation, we have summarized these in a small brochure
that is available for download here, under the following link.

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