Fujifilm's Medical Informatics Portfolio at RSNA15

hi my name is Bill Lacey division vice president medical informatics sales and marketing at fujifilm Medical Systems USA welcome to our booth at McCormick Place in chicago illinois at this year's Arsene a today i'm going to be showing you some new products in our medical informatics portfolio including synapse DNA as well as the introduction of synapse five packs visualization technology this is our synapse five area this year we're excited to introduce the new synapse 5 image visualization technology which is browser independent 0 download at the desktop completely server-side and incredible speed so today we'd like to demonstrate some large studies so you can appreciate how fast synapse is with no cash at the desktop and completely server-side rendering this is the synapse 5 user interface here you're seeing synapse 5 on explorer as we discuss synapse 5 is completely 0 at the desktop so i can run on any browser so i'll open this up in chrome i can also run on a mac and it's completely 0 side no download whatsoever to the desktop so because of that and the server side caching and the new technology for bringing imaging to the desktop we're extremely fast regardless of the size of the data set so this is really the optimal way to read large data sets so i'm going to bring up one of the largest data sets that we have this study is twenty two thousand images and as you see the study appears within seconds which is dramatically different from legacy packs client server technology so it really doesn't matter how large the study said is you experience the same performance if i scroll through this i'm managing that complete 22,000 image set with no performance degradation no caching at the desktop and never having actually moved the entire data set into view so to demonstrate another large data set that is commonly challenge for today's pax environments especially when you have multiple locations and bandwidth considerations breast tomosynthesis also a very large data set that appears immediately after opening we can put it into 3d mode and you'll see I'm moving through the images in real time without having to have moved that study to this workstation or have done any caching what that also provides is because we're not moving studies in advance or we're not moving data sets unnecessarily you have a tremendous win on your network as much as fifty percent less network utilization with synapse five technology hello my name is nathan gurgle i am the director of healthcare IT marketing and i'd like to introduce error oz burger our director of field marking we're going to be highlighting some new features of our VNA and enterprise viewer and image exchange one of the strengths of our VNA product is the number of non dicom connectors that we can utilize within a healthcare enterprise to capture and bring data into the system a newly introduced product is the handheld so no site I've is product which we have at Gateway that is a bi-directional interface into the EMR through our VNA that allows a physician to capture images and identify the patient through the VNA from the EMR using the gateway technology to prevent physician or technician entry errors I can generate the information scan a patient and even generate a report which can be sent back automatically to the EMR through the VNA an exciting new feature within synapse mobility is the ability to do real-time image exchange as you're viewing this study you can simply push those studies directly to the clouds select the recipient or destination of those studies to be sent create that virtual disk and those images are automatically sent into the cloud which can be then routed directly into synapse DNA a new feature we're highlighting this year with our VNA is our dashboards and analytics tool which will give a real-time view into the data that the VNA is managing the VNA dashboards are also able to give you a real-time view into the data coming in and out of the VNA at any given time I can also provide click-through looks into more detailed information about the VNA such as dicom his associations per server the VNA is also able to provide historical views of data usage over time that's able to be viewed by modality or organization as well as being able to provide a view into predictive volume usage over time for more information on our medical informatics products please contact the fujifilm representative or visit us at fujifilm healthcare com thank you

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