From Data Analytics Manager to CEO (without torturing himself at the office nights and weekends)

hello everyone it's a wonderful Wednesday here in Boston and I have another client success story another client testimonial slash case study to share to inspire you and like I said the other day if your career aspirations your career goals include going to the c-suite whether its CEO or CTO or CIO or something similar to that you're definitely one gonna want to pay attention to this one but even if it doesn't because a lot of people that we talk with like no no I don't necessarily want to make it to the c-suite like that's not my goal but I'd love to be a leader of a tech team a lead of leads who has strategic influence who has a seat at the table who is really building relationships and really making a huge impact whether that's SVP or director even as a manager or senior manager whatever your career goals are is hard not to be inspired by Tom's story so Tom um was a client who worked with us several years ago and so he when I first met him he was in one of his first leadership positions leading a data analytics team he was pretty good at managing on sexually you just in it just an extremely like like a go-getter extremely committed um and you can tell that like as soon as you meet him like he wants to do well and is one of those people that will just stop at nothing like I will do whatever it takes in order to do the best I possibly can extremely conscientious um but what happened was that tom was doing good but he's actually getting a little bit too comfortable and what happened was the he wasn't really getting recognized for all the hard work that he was putting in and so what happened with Tom you can sort of check in to see that maybe this has happened with you as well that because he wasn't getting recognized like he was putting in all of his hard work right really hard worker but he wasn't hearing it from senior meters he wasn't hearing it from his boss like hey Don you're doing a great job and it definitely wasn't seeing any rewards for it and so he started to assume that like oh I guess I'm just never gonna get recognized I guess this is it right I guess that this is kind of the way that it works you know I put in the hard work and I don't get recognized and so then you started thinking like hold why am I even putting in the hard work then like it's started to go there like if I'm not gonna get recognized for this why I work my butt off right and so his own his own performance it started to go down a little bit her at least his commitment and his motivation started to go down because he wasn't getting recognized like why do this but because he is an extremely conscientious person an extremely committed person he he didn't let it get to the place world where it might go for a lot of people which is you know whatever I'm just gonna punch in punch down this is all summer ever gonna mount you he said no I don't want it I don't want that to happen it was like well what what is all this for like start starting to take a step back and say where do I want to go in my career like whatever happened to those dreams that I had right after I got out of college you know those those dreams that I want those career dreams that I want to achieve what where am I going and so he reached out for help because he knew that if he kept on that same path by himself who knows what would have happened and he also knew that there were pieces missing right so a piece of it was well okay I'm not getting recognized so what's up with that like am i doing something wrong here and then another piece of it was he was really working too hard and it wasn't sustainable you know meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting and not really he was able to score wins like I said he was doing a good job but going meeting after meeting after meeting like that wasn't gonna be sustainable either in starting to feel burnt out so that's why he reached out and that's why we we work together and why I said yeah I'm absolutely confident I can help you because he has that Drive he has that self-knowledge and that commitment to want to get there I knew that like look I I've been screwing up a little bit in my career like what am I missing and so we work together on a number of things both big picture in a little little picture um and this is what we do with all of our clients so it's really it's really custom tailored the support that we give is custom tailored to a client's goals and our clients roadblocks and with Tom one of his bigger roadblocks that he actually didn't realize when he reached up for help but began to realize or me again began to realize together as we started working together was his mindset around leadership and showing up at work and even career planning but that his mindset around that needed some shifting because as I was saying he started to believe and this actually didn't become apparent to him and so we started working together for a couple of weeks that his mindset was like why even bother like he wanted to do better he wanted to achieve there was that part of him then there was another part that was like why even bother if I'm not getting recognized so really shifting his mindset around that that in order you get recognized that's something that you need to do intentionally you need to evangelize your excellence building excellence is not enough if you want to get recognized for what it is that you're doing there's another piece to that puzzle which includes promoting yourself evangelizing your excellence evangelize evangelizing the excellence of your team and that was a huge shift for Tom was like wow I thought I would just get rid I thought if I worked hard I would just get recognized for it and get a raise and get a promotion oh oh okay well tell me how to do that please sorry works on that piece of it um and it was also taking a look at okay how have you been approaching your career up until this point it was like well I have goals I had dreams like I want to get into senior leadership someday maybe um but I'm not really sure and so he realized that he wasn't approaching his career intentionally as intentionally as he wanted to be and so we crafted a step by step big picture plan for his career so then he had a roadmap for this is where I'm this is where I am now and actually what we do is we start far out three years five years even ten if you're able to stretch that far if that makes sense we started the it with the end in mind we say where do you want to be in three years five years ten years what does that look like what are you doing what kind of position is it what kind of company are you working for and then we look at where you are now and then we work backwards okay what are the steps if if being CEO is the goal which actually and I know you know that that's how the story ends that's actually not where where Tom started it was really just it was senior leadership more more of an impact right okay so that's the goal what's gonna happen before that and then what's gonna happen before that and then what's gonna happen before that and so we crafted that and we also took a look we really got into the nitty-gritty in terms of the day-to-day right so what's going on you know what's the number-one thing that's keeping you from really moving forward right now on a day-to-day basis and for him it was meetings it was gosh I feel like I'm just trapped in meetings all day and I cannot wow I have his plan now to like get to a senior leadership position and I'm absolutely committed to this and I don't want to do this and I'm not going to be able to do this if I'm trapped in meetings all day I'm not gonna be able to evangelize my excellence and my team's excellence if I'm trapped in meetings all day and not making most of them so we got rid of some of the useless meetings he started saying no to meetings more often and really came up with a strategy with the system so that he can show up better to those meetings and so what happened was the it was always the plan for Tom to move to another company and and that's what he did he he worked at the company that he was working for when we started working together for a little bit longer um but then he did you know as his goals got bigger and as he stretched himself even more he moved to a new company and it was just it was one of those situations where there was definitely a bit of luck involved in here right place right time kind of a thing it was a smaller company but there was really that that he moved into and he was in a kind of senior leadership position because he moved into that company with all of these new systems with this this awesome kick-ass mindset he was on fire he moved in there and this was after after working together and so he moved in there with that and he you know he what he was in a senior leadership position in that company but it was very much of a right place right time kind of a situation because there was definitely a gap and in senior leadership in terms of what was going on and there was some moving around and senior leadership and what had happened was he basically just moved up in the ranks and eventually became CEO because senior leadership was stepping out and it was time for new blood so to come in aka so he rose to the level of CEO and like I said that actually wasn't his plan he who wanted to have more of an impact and it was just it was the right place right time but he wouldn't have been able to do that without the strategies and systems that we put together without the mindset that we worked together on so that he can condition it so there there's a little bit of a you know opportunity was knocking and he was able to answer it with gusted with commitment and and where that I got this that he wouldn't had had had my not work together and so that was like a really cool thing and there's really a lesson to be learned here about the opportunity cost of not fixing your career right now the opportunity cost of not getting the help to really take a look at your your career in a more more strategic way the opportunity cost of not fixing what's not working in your career because if you ask yourself the question what's not working in my career right now that's usually just scratching the surface right here a lot of people are able to answer that question right what's not working in my career right now for Tom when we have begin begun working together it was sort of like I'm going to too many meetings I feel like I'm not sure to Jack enough that I'm not getting recognized okay but then as we kind of dough then we realized that there was a lot more going on beneath the surface that needed fixing and if he didn't fix that if he didn't of greatest mindset if he didn't upgrade his leadership systems in the way that he approaches career he would not have been able to take that opportunity to land a c-suite position and you can't always know that there is absolutely though like ten times out of ten every single time then we talked to someone there is absolutely an opportunity cost for not fixing what's broken in your career right now because there are so many unknown unknowns you may come and you may say well you know it's okay it's not that bad but you know I have to work with your 6000 weeks well okay it's not that bad but my relationship with my boss is kind of rocky but that's it I guarantee you it's more than that and then if you don't figure out what that more than that is you are going to be losing opportunities down the line because there's a lot else that needs upgrading in your career if you can identify one or two or three things that are not working and you're feeling stuck right now in your career there's other stuff and you can't see that yourself tom was not able to see that himself it took us it took an expert to take a look at and say huh there's there's a lot more going on here and it includes your mindset around this it's it's it really needs some upgrading and so that's Tom's story and it's just just amazing it's inspiring it's not ever surprising to me though you know like because I get to know our clients like really get to know them to their bones who they are who their personalities what their personalities are who their families are you know and I know what they're capable of before that they even get there did I see Thomas becoming CEO no actually I didn't because I didn't how I we've known that he would have moved into a company where there was a leadership gap and then senior leadership was moving out and he took that spot but you know what like that specifically isn't what I saw for Tom but I saw him moving into senior leadership and absolutely having you know a strategic influence and playing at that higher level I saw it for him before he did so it's never surprising to me um to see that but it's still like it's awesome you know like cuz I don't I we don't work with people that weren't a hundred percent confident we can help like if if I don't have this feeling and I don't have the evidence that yeah I can absolutely help you then we don't make an offer and we say look I don't want to waste your time I don't want to waste either of our times and and I think that there's going to be somebody else or other resources that are gonna be a better fit for you right now but every single client that we've made an offer to including Tom including the lease including Stephen including Lucie and all of the other clients that we've talked about over the last you know couple of weeks we saw a vision for them but they didn't quite see yet and that's what's able to move them forward so that's what it's about it's really about taking a look at what's not working in your career and talking to an expert to to really unveil your blind spots because they're called blind spots for a reason you're not gonna see them unless somebody else points them out to you and it better like better a better scenario is that you work with an expert and not just simply a friend a well-meaning friend or a colleague or you know a spouse or a family member who will try to help you the best that she or he can but has that person helped thousands of other technical managers upgrade their careers are they able to say here's that blind spot because I've seen it hundreds of other times no they're gonna do the best that they can but very often sadly the best that they can is not enough and it's only gonna lead to more frustration and more lack of recognition and more failure to upgrade so in a nutshell if you want to be like Tom book a call with us if you want to follow in his footsteps that's the one difference between you and him right now if you kind of rewind back to the place where Tom was struggling you know this is before he was CEO before he came in on fire with all these systems and an upgraded mindset before that he was struggling he wasn't getting recognized he was to the point of I guess this is it yes I I don't know but he had that inkling he had that I don't want to settle there's got to be a better way to look at my career and to upgrade my leadership stack and if that's where you are right now but one difference between where you're sitting right now and where tom was sitting right then was he reached out for help and the way that you reach out for help to follow in his footsteps is to book a call with our team the people STATCOM slash book so when you go to that link you're gonna see our calendar you pick a time that works best for you and then we'll talk with you we'll talk with you for about an hour um about what's not working in your career and where you want to go so if you want to prepare for that call then really those are the two questions that you can you can prepare for what's not working in your career right now and where do you want to go in your career where do you see yourself like where you're excited now where you're just settling not like if you choose to settle not that path where do you see yourself you're excited you're full of joy you're doing cartwheels out of bed if it were possible at least you can visualize that in your mind you're so happy you're having so you're getting recognized you're having so much of an impact you're a strategic leader and you're winning and your team is winning where do you want to be where do you want to go so those are the two questions that you can you can prepare for but really it's you booked a call with us and we got you like I said we've helped thousands of people so whatever the extent of what it is that you're facing in your career right now a lot of people like like we got you like there's nothing that's very rare right it's at this point it's like one in a hundred that we'll get something that isn't like what we've encountered before but even that it's close enough to what we've encountered before that we got you you know and a lot of times what's not working in your career right now well gosh I don't know that's why I need help I can't articulate it so in that case you just describe what's going on right like what's going on what are the symptoms you know like sometimes you go like you go to the doctor right like you have no idea nice why you're going to the doctor because you have no idea what's wrong and you just you describe the symptoms where the doctor we take the symptoms and we take a look at what what that those are and we say okay this is what's working this is what's going on and we diagnose and we give you a prescription it's the same thing right so you go to the doctor you say oh my arm hurts and then your doctor ask you questions okay how often does the courage is every morning morning or in the evening how long has this been going on those are the kind of questions you come to us with symptoms yeah I just I can't talk to my boss okay all right and then and then we'll go deeper you know when's the last time you talked to your boss about upgrading your career what happens when you try to talk to your boss without upgrading in your career and you you'll you tell us gosh yeah I try to tell him but he just gives me the cold shoulder or he's just really he's very he's very strict my boss just doesn't seem to understand you know my side of things and he's just very hard to listen to you and I can't are very hard to talk to you and doesn't listen and I can't you know I can't have you know more of a five-minute conversation with him until he starts talking about things like the bottom line and I have no idea what I can't speak his language and it's just there's no way that I'm gonna ever get any further figure this out cuz my just I can't help conversations from my boss I'm almost scared to do that now help right and so then we'll get deeper there and we'll figure it out so that's the next step folks if you're feeling stuck in your career you're feeling like you're hitting like whether it's a glass ceiling or whatever it is that you feel like you're hitting because you want to get to that next level you don't want to keep going on recognized you don't want to keep going to useless meeting after useless meeting are you just feeling completely lost because you don't know what's next in your career and you don't want to just have your career happen to you you want to take control over your career then book a call with our team about people stack calm slash book we're gonna help you get crystal clear and what the next steps are for you so that you can be the player be the driver in your career and not upon and we like I said we do not make an offer unless we're 100% confident that we can help you if we're not a hundred percent confident then we're gonna steer you toward resources that that are gonna help you so no matter what you're gonna get extreme clarity out of this call you're gonna get some really precise next actions actions that are going to help you get to that next place in your career but if we are one hundred percent confident we can help you we're gonna sell you we're gonna map out that plan and we're gonna explain all of the details including including the investment including how long including everything that you need in order to make a decision about moving forward so that's our process we're completely transparent about it but the first step is if you want to get unstuck and you're sick and tired of going on recognized at work buckle call with our team today that people stacked calm / look thats how you follow in Tom's footsteps that's what he did that's the one difference between you and him right now so that is it for the day folks I'm not sure what I have planned for Friday but I'm sure it's something valuable I think it'll be something related to upgrading your career leadership you know leadership upgrading something like that so easy I'd use Wednesdays and Fridays so I will see you all on the next show on Friday take care everyone

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