Frigidaire IQ Drive Air Conditioner

you're a Frigidaire dealer would like to thank you for considering the Frigidaire brand of HVAC for your home we invite you to share the next few minutes learning about the industry's most innovative and efficient HVAC comfort system designed to increase total home comfort and lower your utility bills seasonal energy efficiency ratio otherwise known as seer it is the unit in which all cooling systems are measured much like a car's gas mileage in the world of cooling the higher the seer the better the efficiency and the lower your power bills while most homes built in the last 10 years have 8 to 10 C air conditioners an industry leader has raised the bar to 24 and a half seer the highest efficiency level ever obtained in air conditioning and up to 22 seer the highest level ever obtained in an air source heat pump from the minds of Frigidaire heating and cooling comes one of the most exciting innovations of our time ultra high efficiency lower energy bills better dehumidification onboard diagnostics the lowest sound levels and completely green it's the ultimate comfort available for your home the frigidaire 24 and a half seer air conditioner and 22 seer heat pump with IQ drive technology IQ drive is the brains behind frigidaires air conditioning and heat pump both units use inverter rotary technology to achieve the highest efficiency levels available today the 24 and a half seer IQ drive air conditioner is an excellent choice for geographies where maximum cooling efficiency is needed in areas where heating efficiency is also desired consider the 22 C to drive heat bomb it operates in the summer the same as an air-conditioner but also provides heat in the winter and with the heating season performance factor up to 10 it's incredibly efficient no matter what the weather for the ultimate in comfort quiet and convenience pair either the IQ drive air conditioner or heat pump with the IQ drive modulating gas furnace rated at 97% efficient and higher the IQ drive modulating furnace completes the industry's most efficient system and it was designed to work seamlessly with your IQ drive air conditioner or heat pump ask your Frigidaire dealer for more information on the IQ drive modulating furnace IQ drive technology has received numerous industry design and innovation awards including the prestigious air conditioning heating and refrigeration Expo product of the year let's take a look at what makes IQ drive technology so innovative today's traditional scroll compressors just turn on and off operating at 60 Hertz when running but IQ drive inverter technology has almost infinite modulation for a perfectly even variance it runs as low as 15 Hertz so it uses less power so while today's compressors kick on at full speed that 60 Hertz to compensate for a small change in temperature IQ drive inverter technology alters the compressor speed just enough to match the slightest change in air temperature so in addition to minimal power utilization you get a more consistent temperature level at all times the biggest difference is at night while scroll compressors are still at maximum 3600 rpm power the IQ drive rotary compressor can ramp down to 900 rpm for ultra-low power efficiency and an ultra-low noise level when temperatures rise in the afternoons IQ drive can adjust up to match the load systems with IQ drive technology use a special new display screen thermostat with the ultimate and new quick response features the dehumidification mode quickly zaps moisture from the air and regulates the most consistent humidity levels in the home system maintenance reminders and service settings to perform diagnostic functions for quicker easier service calls and the ability to program a perfect comfort schedule to control specific functions at precise times of the day and while some manufacturers have managed to achieve as high as 21 seer in much larger units Frigidaire has managed to achieve up to 24 and a half seer in a much smaller footprint about the same size as current 15 and 16 seer models on the market the reason is its state-of-the-art inverter driven rotary compressor the heart of the IQ drive system worldwide over 80 percent of compressors manufactured use rotary technology and now Frigidaire brings this widely accepted technology to North America since the mid-90s rotary compressors with inverter technology have been providing proven reliable performance in Asia and the Middle East the hottest and harshest climates in the world so it's sure to be reliable in North American climates its high-grade steel motor obtains unprecedented efficiency plus a fixed upper bearing and lower discharging muffler deliver the lowest sound levels in the industry the difference is like night and day even with full insulation sound blanket sound absorbing bass lubricated motor and swept fan blade today's scroll compressors make enough noise to be heard inside the home in comparison frigidaires IQ drive rotary compressor can operate at 15 Hertz for a consistently lower sound level that makes for a quieter home especially at night in Japan many HVAC residential products use inverter driven rotary compressors given the country's high-density housing noise is a major social issue in fact it's unacceptable today's new rotary compressor technologies offer quieter operation to help resolve these noise concerns and it's made to North American industry standards with environmentally sound r410a refrigerant it's the frigidaire 24 and a half seer air conditioner and 22 seer heat pump with IQ drive technology smart quiet reliable earth-friendly better consistent home comfort and the lowest energy bills possible it could quite possibly be the smartest outdoor unit ever made from Frigidaire the 24 and 1/2 C air conditioner and 22 seer heat pump the best of all worlds perfect temperature control the ultimate in comfort highest energy efficiency supreme dehumidification the lowest operating costs the quietest design proven technology I can drive from Frigidaire high seer is here

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