FORMPLANET – Open Innovation Test Bed in material characterisation

Sheet metal forming is one of the most
important manufacturing processes to obtain metal components for almost
every industrial production sector, such as transport, construction, home appliances and packaging. Generating over €500M, this industry lacks
adequate methods to assess sheet formability and part performance at the product design stage, essential to be able to develop high-performance parts at a reduced cost. To solve sheet metal forming
industries’ current challenges, the FORMPLANET Open Innovation Sheet Metal Forming Testing Hub has been launched. Funded by the European Commission, we will offer to all
kinds of companies in the sheet metal forming value chain, novel testing methodologies and modelling approaches to improve the performance prediction of high-strength sheet materials and prevent production losses. This assures zero-defect production and the
optimisation of sheet materials’ development, manufacturing and performance. Thanks to FORMPLANET, European companies
will be able to access the services of 5 leading materials characterisation centers from
one place with equality of access and conditions. A one-stop-shop service combining the technological
experience of consolidated metal characterisation sites and cross-cutting service providers
to facilitate companies’ technological uptake. With novel and differentiated material characterisation tests, new modelling approaches, part quality assessment and in process-measurements, materials informatics, Incremental Sheet Forming prototyping and support services. A boost to the competitiveness of
the sheet metal forming industry. Contact us to learn about our service offer and how FORMPLANET can help your company.

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