For science. For action. For health. – APHA 2019

– Health is a right, not just a privilege. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Thanks to
the work of public health, we live longer, healthier lives. We have access to vaccinations
that prevent disease. We breath air free from tobacco smoke. We are safer on our roadways
thanks to seat belts and well designed streets. Our many public health
achievements are backed by science. They work and they save lives. But recent attacks on science threaten to reverse these gains. The spread of misinformation
has sown doubts about vaccine safety, now we’re seeing increased rates of vaccine-preventable disease. Scientists agree that climate change is a serious risk to our health, deniers in industry
and government however, are reversing progress on
addressing the health impacts of climate change and other
environmental threats. Firearms contribute to
our nations high rate of death by violence, yet some continue to block efforts to conduct gun violence
prevention research. – I think science is
important to public health because it provides a tool
by which we can generate the best evidence possible
to advise individuals, policy-makers, and the
public about what steps they can take to improve public health. – Science matters to public health because otherwise people
just make stuff up. I mean, we’re in a crisis
around the world right now. (gentle upbeat music) – [Narrator] That’s why it’s important that we stand up and speak for health, and APHA and our member
are leading the way. – We can make a difference by
talking about public health, educating our friends and family, what we do in public health, all the important things
like having clean water, clean air to breath, safe communities for
people to live in and grow. – I am here in D.C. because
I think it’s important to learn how to advocate for others. There’s a lot of people that unfortunately their forces are unheard, so I think that’s where
public health comes in and we advocate for their
rights and their health. – We’re educating people
about the importance of investing in public health. – So we are here today
to show up and speak up to make sure that science drives decisions and that everyone has the
opportunity for good health. – [Narrator] Creating the
healthiest nation depends on science and demands action. From strengthening the
public health workforce and advocating for policies
that improve health, to supporting research, APHA is building a movement
to ensure that all people and all communities have
access to opportunities that promote good health and wellbeing. (gentle upbeat music) – We have a lot of challenges, sure, but there’s also a lot of hope. I see people all over the
country who are taking action to improve health in their communities. APHAs a bit part of that
because we are the voice for science-based public health, and it’s that collective voice together, that is our greatest strength. We can change the world
when we speak for health. – I speak for health because
it touches everybody, and no matter where we
find ourselves in life, and what we do, health is going to be
a part of that picture and if we aren’t healthy, then life isn’t as vibrant as it should be and I believe everyone
should have a vibrant life. – [Narrator] Stand together with us, for science, for action, for health. Join APHA. (gentle upbeat music)

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