Football IQ Test: Jimmy Buffett?

sends up everybody here we are in Mobile Alabama for the rhesus Senior Bowl to test the Margaritaville lifestyle football IQ we've got the Wonderlic test here right now let's see how these guys do okay coach so with your offensive mind we're going to go through this new Margaritaville Wonderlic test okay you tell me what if you were calling in these plays what would each play me Jimmy Buffett from the 1970s yeah that's that's it that day that's probably where we're going to go three four under cover too because we're going to need moving way more than two beers tonight how about this guide the mustache Jimmy Buffett mustache obviously at the trap coverage with disguised coverage because it's probably hire someone of that mustache essentially 1970s Jimmy Buffett thank each other I'm not from that era I call that the dirt diggler we bout to get down and nasty we bout to attack you and it's going to be vicious that might be inside double 8y at blitz trying to get to the quarterback and let them smell your breath I think it is a plaything because that man is looking real this is definitely a quarterback I mean I've seen him in concert this would be almost similar to this one it's a little prevent defense and you're just happy happy as hell because they're about to get away in bottom right the officials got a call right he's father so that have to go around all right Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville left Margaritaville left option right there's a quarterback keeper you think maybe Jimmy both this man mozilla for vertical we all remember the titans are going sunshine he's going to be some of these that look like me kinda

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  1. RicTorp said:

    There was a time when Jimmy and I teamed up and bet football ! We did very well and then came the Super Bowl ….the fish and the skins ! Jimmy wanted the Dolphins and I took the Redskins! It ended splitting up our teamwork ! Jimmy knows football very well. If he gives you a selection , run with it !

    June 28, 2019

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