Final Year Projects | A Cloud Computing Based Telemedicine Service

the cloud computing basically munition service telemedicine may be defined as the use of computers and telecommunication technologies to provide medical information and services from the distant location healthy the greatest of position various techniques are drawn for the better treatment of health of society and the technology is reaching its peak it is emerging in medical treatment quickly and fruitfully do birth to inventions of technology in medicine yearly a slower and erroneous process are replaced by precise and faultless method involving pass internet services this technique allow real-time data accessibility with proper authentication the idea is based on cloud computing and real-time streaming of videos the information is made available on the web in suitable former from where it can be access to the authorizer to medical stock cloud computing has a revolutionary effect on telemedicine many medical professionals are already using advanced telehealth application of cloud computing according to various specialists and recessive cloud computing can improve healthy care service to and undoubtely large external this paper discussed the advancement and implication of flow to computing in field of telehealth it can contribute to improve health scenario all over the world no let me see the flowchart busting system starter the user how to register to use the system in both side rural doctor and consultants after registration the user need to do the credentials the credential is authenticated if the credential is correct mean proceed in the request or else it exited from the system after the credential is verified in the late side the doctors or consultant requests for appointment to Google dr. the request is authenticated using Authenticator eCos ID in consultants side the consultants can accept the request which is given by the village doctors and the doctor consultant can also reject the request the consultant can give online prescription to the usage directly online through online after consultation the doctor can teleport into a particular client now the demo of the project first our time on the user have to register to use the system the rural doctor can disturb with this user details doctor name just select a rural area register here the user is registered now give the user email ID he can add new patients and add treatment details and report file like a fairy petition to the court files and view patient detail which is already in the system and request for appointment to fix a point on with consultant who is in a urban area and appointment status if the cancer can accept the appointment meaning you can say this appointment set is yes then I start live consolidation find a patient this patient details are like patient name age and gender that group VP the pressure then pulsate paid here the person ad is Ottoman is in greater patient ashada no treatment details the restore phase axis available that between little diseases and symptoms is weight loss data for Nader well stated arbitrator treatment even basic treatment a given in the rural area is like some tablets priority I wish emergency means we fix emergency the detail is added then report but we can report details and grows a file here then upload patient details these are two patient details which the treatment details of the patient's appointment status the already to open wounds are fixed accepted now in consultants side those are at the register registered user means this login register have registered new to login then doctor of panel after login knee open means these are the various Nino final matches are except before arrived a newly in accept appointment appointment ID this has appointment ID just queue the appointment ID a pieman excepti then patient details this tough patient details which is a treatment given by the rural doctors now send prescription here the live consultation is started now send when religion hello then what you take here a doctor said the patient message rural doctor messages are displayed a ratio image like a CT report which is shown by the rural doctor in the image the image is send it to the rock no soil – this is a report of the image registered these are live consultation of telemedicine

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