FFG transforms service delivery with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

The whole project was really a learning experience. It really struck me how rare projects like this are, that you can learn so much. We started Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in April this year. The goal is to implement a major revision of the way we offer products and services by creating new service development methods in consultation with Red Hat. One of the biggest management challenges for us is to utilize digital technology in this context to make major changes to the services we offer, and it’s really a battle against time. Now we have started using a development method called Agile which has required a complete change of mind-set. The whole team works together to come up with ideas Now every day I see all the Post-it Notes after one of the frequent workshops, which is how they are coming up with services. You can feel this communication, this sense of responsibility and the obvious team motivation just observing them from the side. This is a huge change and I feel that the quality of our products and services have benefited greatly from this. When the users were enjoying the application, looking at how their reaction would be, I really felt that we were going to succeed. Through the collaboration with Red Hat, I’ve learned that you have to actually get hands-on experience in order to understand things that you only understood vaguely before, like Agile development or DevOps. People who are involved in creating the business plans and ideas are now working together with the people who actually create the content, the systems and the applications. I think we wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support Red Hat has provided. All I can say is that I am astounded at how much they have exceeded our expectations.

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    July 2, 2019

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