Faces of Technology: Meet Glenn Jackson

we're making history as we're breaking boundaries on how fast we can communicate my name is Glenn Jackson I'm leading a team that will be communicating a hundred times faster between ground and geosynchronous orbit using lasers and telescopes the smaller the wavelength the more information you can condense in a small period of time once it's in orbit the latch releases telescope is free to move there's no fixing it or replacing it once it's in orbit so it has to work once you watch we have the payload assembled and we're putting it through testing and verifying it's gonna work in the space environment teamwork is really key so a technician may have a really great idea they bounce it off with scientist and we go in from idiot and the cleaner and put it through a test very exciting to work with this team and to work on technology that you just don't find anywhere else here at NASA we're always working on the cutting edge so we're taking high risks in the technology but the payoff is huge and that's part of the history making we're we're in the process of right now

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